Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Strawberry Mad Hatter Incense Review

Reader Review:

Strawberry Mad Hatter Incense (Note: This was a counterfeit product)

My name is Derrick and I am from La. We have the strictest and craziest rules down here, but I am still able to get quality incense thanks to your website. I thought I would try my hand at writing a review. However, most of the products I have tried are due to reviews from your site! I am interested in free samples, so I thought I would send you my review of a Counterfeit Strawberry Cloud 9 Mad Hatter!

Remember when you could purchase incense, and just pack the packaging you could tell if it was going to be a good product or not? either. Before I begin this review, I would like to say a little blurb about incense. Say what you will about salts, glass cleaners, and other alternative collectors items, but the herbal incense market is one that tends to consistently deliver quality products. Also it can be said that we incense users are a rather tight community. Throughout all the legislation, bans, and formula changes, an individual can still find an herbal blend that they can call their own. There are truly passionate individuals devoted to producing a quality product(I'm looking at you Mr-Nice-Guy), and then there are people who piggyback others success and you end up with a 5 gram bag of pencil shavings.

The Product:
So as a resident of LA, I am unable to walk into my local headshops and purchase away. My state would rather allow us to have drive through daquiri shops. Nevertheless, my wife and I made a sojourn about 2 hours up the road where it is legal and made some purchases from a headshop. One this day he offered me two products (Kush Apple), and (Cloud 9 Strawberry). We purchased 11g of Kush Apple, and 3g of Cloud 9 Strawberry. And it is at this is the point where I wish I would have paid attention to the little sticker. I remember reading a review for Cloud 9 on this site and I was very excited to try the product, but when I returned home I was in for an even better one(it wasn't better)

The Experience:
So it is me, my wife, and our 3 gram bag of Mad Hatter. Examining the packaging of the product I was very impressed. The Cloud 9 logo was prominent, as well as the graphics on the bag. Opening it up however I was treated to the rich scent of decaying dreams. It smelled like a strawberry pencil doused in swan tears. The actual plant material looked and felt like pencil shavings. There was a coarse quality to them, imagine stepping on a leaf baking on a sidewalk and you will have matched the feel of this product. Even attempting to separate the product for use resulted in long strands of attached wood like plant material. I have never personally tried the Mad Hatter products before, and I am including this time as well because this could not have been a Genuine Cloud 9 product. The smoke is harsh, and uninviting. If you are a seasoned incense burner then you will feel enough to change your mind about trying this again, and if you aren't seasoned then Congratulations because this is who they are marketing it to. I, as did my wife, felt more clouded thoughts than any real euphoria. It lasted for about 1 to 5 minutes with re-ups needed often. 

The Conclusion:
This experience has taught me to do my research. shows that any blend other than original flavor is a fake, and whats more is the website reviewed due to selling counterfeits(where the headshop got it) does not exist anymore. This brings me to my original point, people are taking advantage of the community and suppliers. That is why it is important to check websites like these. I paid $50 for that 3 gram bag of mulch, and I would hate it to happen to anyone else. The taste was horrible, there was little to no feelings, and I risked personal safety by using a counterfeit blend.

BOTTOM LINE: If you enjoy wasting money, or just have to be that guy that does the opposite of what reviews say, then Cloud 9 Counterfeit Strawberry is for you. If not report the vendor that sold this to you and always check your vendors. 1/10

End Reader Review

We felt it was pertinent to publish this review to keep everyone one their toes about counterfeit products. As the reviewer posted their are people just piggybacking on other people success and simply copy their designs and packaging. We here at Spice University recommend this website for Mad Hatter.


  1. I feel for you man...I also have bought the wild incense Mad Hatter only to be sorely disappointed.

    It's strange because that same company makes a pretty good knockoff of Down2Earth Climaxxx--not as good as the real thing, of course, but much better in comparison to the counterfeit Mad Hatter. The herbs are much better quality, as is the potency and length of the aroma. I guess you can never be sure about knockoffs until you try them.

  2. This guy clearly knows his stuff(Its me!) lol. Thank you for posting it man. I hope it helps raise awareness about counterfeiting.


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