Saturday, March 10, 2012

White Widow Review

Reader Review:

White Widow Extreme 

I recall reading your other White Widow Incense review and thought I'd take the time to write up a review for you and your readers as well. This is for White Widow Extreme which I believe is only available from Legal Enjoy. I know there is some different vendors who may use this name white widow for their herbal incense.

The herbs used in this herbal incense blend is nothing but pure marshmallow leaf. Which in my opinion is the best and only herb that should be used when making a quality product. The white widow burns rather nice and easy, nothing harsh or chemical. 

The effects of white widow extreme are intense, and the listing as it labeled for "very experienced aromatherapists". I noticed the effects almost immediately, and I only lit one small pinch of incense. I wish I would of stopped their but I decided it light one more pinch for my aromatherapy session. My hearing increased 10 fold, and I became somewhat anxious, nothing I could not handle or to over the top.  Just something you may not be expecting if you are used to weaker blends. Since then I've been keeping to only one pinch and it seems to be the right amount for me, and keeps the effects the way I like it. 

It should really go without saying but use with caution, and it is not for human consumption. 

I always enjoy visiting your site and reading all the different reviews. 

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  1. Does it show up on the new drug urine test they have FOR spice?!?


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