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Fly High 15x & 20x and Fly High Fire Review

Reader Review:

Fly High 15x
Fly High 20x
Fly High Fire

Big Thanks go out to for providing these samples to one of our readers!

Today we are going to review 2 products of the same distributor; fly high and fly high fire.

Fly high (not fire) has 10 unique flavours (white chocolate, brownie, grape, hypnotic, kush, blueberry, original, watermelon, chocolate mint, kiwi strawberry) and 4 different strengths, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, in 2 different sizes (2 gram and 4 gram, similar to smoking dragon). Of these, i was sent the blueberry 20x, kiwi strawberry 15x white chocolate 20x and original)

Firstly, i'll start with the kiwi strawberry. Being the smaller of the heavyweights, i expected it to pack a small punch. 3 hits in i lay it down, severely mistaken. This product is easily comparable with the best i've tried as a strong mind oriented high. The single most intense feeling i got was relaxation. The relaxation i felt from this product, coupled with the pain relief (wisdom tooth coming in, havent had anything else get rid of that pain) made it a great night-time high. The effects are quick and constant, with the slowing of the mind, followed by a slight euphoric uplifting. The effects lasted a good 30-45 minutes, leaving you without the headache you so often get from the cheaper brands.
The flavour itself was interesting, not being the biggest strawberry fan i was still pleasantly surprised, it did not smell of the artificial strawberry scent i so often find, instead it actually smelt like fresh strawberries. I'm guessing the strawberry overpowers the kiwi, but perhaps that is what tones down the artificial scent.

After the kiwi strawberry i tried the white chocolate, and man was i glad i did. This was the big brother to the 15x kiwi strawberry, and it definitely felt like it. The effects were intense, skipping the relaxation period completely it left me in the "what the hell is going on" zone, with my concentration increased ten-fold, finding myself staring at the ingredients list of my Dr Pepper and thinking it was the most interesting thing in the world (wtf is caramel colour as an ingredient anyway?). The flavour was delicious. It smelt like white chocolate and opening the tube meant the whole room i was in smelt wonderful. If i could have eaten this flavour i would have. When burning, the flavours are not retained like most aren't, however my wife did mention that the usual "sickly sweet" smell from burning synth was non-existant, instead just smelling like burning herbs.

The 3rd of these i tried was the blueberry 20x, which was pretty much like the white chocolate except it was obviously blueberry. The scent is strong, overpowering even. If you have ever smelt concentrated blueberry cordial/juice (kind you dilute) or tinned blueberries you will know what i mean. I do like my blueberry flavours, and this one pleasantly surprised me as out of the several dozen brands all in blueberry flavours, this is still a unique blueberry. The final flavour i tried of fly high was a 15x original. I honestly have no idea what scent this was, it was sweet, citrusy and spicey, nothing at all like the usual "original" flavours which are just generic pineapple/mango/grapefruit "kush" smells.

Moving onto the Fly High Fire, the newest line from the Fly High creators we start with their new mystery flavour, in the 15x. The smell of their mystery flavour is a chocolate flavour, in my opinion. Perhaps chocolate strawberry? Certainly less sweet smelling than the white chocolate so i know it was not that. Whatever it was, it was again fantastic. Smelt like opening a bar of fresh belgian chocolate. Next i tried the blueberry, and it was exactly the same scent as the original fly high blueberry as far as i could tell, though perhaps a little more subtle. The effects of the fire were pretty much exactly the same as the original fly high, with perhaps a slightly more euphoric feeling from the fire, not just the relaxation. Out of the two products, i would say the original still packs the biggest punch, but the fire is very very close behind it, and as a 5 gram 15X container is only 19.99 over at right now, it is now my new daytime high; Cost efficient, superb effects and still leaves you functionable if needs arise.


PACKAGING 9.5/10 - I really liked the label on this one, as it listed all of the available flavours and strengths. The logo is clear and easy to spot, and the lid has a big 15X sticker on the top. My one gripe with the label of this is that you only know its 15X from the label on the lid, lose the lid and it was difficult to remember if it was 15x or 20x (when review time came). Fire states the strength on the tube label and i like that better.

AROMA/FLAVOR 9.8/10 Would have been full marks, but i'd like to give them some room for more unique and interesting flavours, perhaps a cinnamon roll? lemon meringue?) The white chocolate was amazing, the original was a nice surprise too.

EFFECTS 9.9/10 Not for the faint hearted, the effects are intense and long lasting, almost entirely in your mind. The 15 and 20 strengths i would reccomend only to veterans, try the smaller strengths first if you are new.

OVERALL 9.8/10 This is definitely an amazing product, and i would say even slightly stronger than its company rival, fire. The problem with this one is that yes, whilst it is slightly better than fire, it is also over twice the price for a 20x tube of fly high over a 15x tube of fire, over at - i would perhaps buy a couple of grams of this and use it for special occasions, and use fire as my day-to-day high.


PACKAGING 9.6/10 - I like the fact they list the strength and ingredients on the label of the fire, but i do dislike the fact that they removed the list of other flavours available (its a tiny thing, but in such a cutthroat market, advertising your other products on the one you have is a good idea.)

AROMA/FLAVOR 9.5/10 Their appears to be even less choice for flavours of the fire than of the original, something i was disappointed by, but the mystery flavour did make up for the lack of white chocolate fly high fire. Its the limited choices of flavours here that mark it down half a point, perhaps if not more flavours than certainly more unique flavours would make this product much more appealling (everybody does a strawberry, blueberry, grape, candy cane generic.) One area they could improve this product is with the uniqueness of their flavours.

EFFECTS 9.8/10 Slightly less potent than the original, but by no means to be taken lightly. Personally i loved this product, the 20x original fly high was nice, but it certainly is not one to use when you have things to do. The fire on the other hand, does give you that slight uplifting feeling on top of the relaxation effects, and i personally preferred the fire due to cost and functionability.

OVERALL 9.9/10 Just slightly topping the original for me, the fire is a strong contender in the already overcrowded world of potpourri, and i am pleased to report that it has a killer punch that knocks most other products out in one. And after hearing that Smoking Dragon are to change their chemical mix, I may have just instantly found my replacement if that doesn't go well. Otherwise, i will likely rotate between this and the dragon - the dragon does have the body effects that the fly high doesn't, but i know many people that would love this product purely because it has no body high.

In short, i loved the original and if the price of it came down to be more reasonable when compared to their fire (20x is $55.99 for 4 grams) i would definitely prefer it, simply because that white chocolate was amazing. But i can't justify spending nearly 3 times the price and getting less product than for the 15x Fly High Fire, at $19.99 for 5 grams, so for me, the fire gets this, but only barely.

The Fly High Potpourri company has made some quality products with a great potency. With that being said they should be used sparingly and with caution.

We are also please to add Fly High to our Top Shelf list.


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  1. Where there any Euphoric/Music Loving Sensations with Fly High 15x at all?


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