Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Code Black Blue Label Herbal Incense Review

Reader Review:

Code Black Blue Label 

Today we will be reviewing Code Black's new Blue Label incense. This is part of their gold class, along with the Black Label(these two are there most potent products).

Blue Label herbal incense

PACKAGING - The packaging was interesting - my only gripe with it being that nowhere on the packet does it say how much weight you are getting (I had to check the website and found their lowest container is 2 grams) - if I saw this in a shop I'd probably look it over for the more shouty, flashy packaged items since i'm a sucker for bright things. Nevertheless, the pop-cap packaging of code black Blue Label fit perfectly in my pocket, in a 1cm thick 2 inch long disc. The lid isn't screw on, but the pop-cap is very well designed and I never had it open on its own in my pocket, which is a good sign.

EFFECTS - The effects of this one took me by surprise. The first 3 hits were enough for me to take a pause for a while. It is a very heady, very mind-numbing high leaving you delightfully zombified after a good session. The effects are just suddenly there, not a slow creeper or a firecracker 2 minute high such as you get with some of the cheaper quality blends on the market today. Everything about this high was refreshing and different. With my experience with K2 spice, it was a shock to find something different. Sure, there are others that are just as strong as this one, but I can't think of any that match its effects completely without mix and matching. This is my favorite thing about the blue label, the fact that to replicate these effects I would have to mix various other kinds. The effects range from 15-45 minutes depending on amount consumed, only slightly less than this with prolonged use.

FLAVOR AND AROMA - The aroma of this is very much like the smell of the usual "kush" varieties - a very pineapple, melony smell. The aroma is very pleasant, and consistant when burnt in flavor as well as aroma.


PACKAGING/CONTENTS 9/10 - would have been a 10 but there were quite a noticable amount of "sticks". The pop-cap is a new type of packaging for me, and i was impressed.

AROMA/FLAVOUR 9.5/10 - I didn't give them a 10 here, simply because i'm not exactly sure what the flavour is or why it is blue. To me, i'd have made Blue label a distinctive blueberry taste. Still, their is nothing wrong with the flavor they went for.

EFFECTS - 10/10 - For this to be 50 state legal and to still give me something completely new is a feat in itself. The fact the effects are strong, enjoyable and quick to hit make this a highly reccomended purchase.

OVERALL SCORE 9.7/10 - Great packaging, smooth high with a distinct unknown fruity aroma make Code Black's Blue Label a definite addition to my collection. At around $20 for 2 grams, price falls into the mid-level price range but packs a high level punch.

With today's every changing legal incense market it is hard to find good quality products, and Code Black's herbal incense are just that. With that being said we are please to announce that "Blue Label" is being added to our Top Shelf list alongside its brother Black Label.

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  1. This is not a G3 50SL, as a matter of fact Code Black does not have a G3 50SL. Code Black will not send to states that have an outright ban on any synthetic cannabinoids, including my state of CO. Code Black makes some of the finest products on the market, best customer service, and most professional image of any herbal incense manufacturer.

    1. Since when was code black not allowed to be sent to Colorado? I just received an order from them 4 days ago.

  2. We were told by Code Black that their products are indeed 50 State Legal.

  3. Mike has no damn clue what he is talking about! They deliver in all 50 states!

  4. I live in Louisiana...Bobby Jindal Republicans political bandwagon.....they ship to my state. Priority Mail and Express Mail are considered private correspondence between 2 people. Without a warrant for your individual mail piece it is protected from search and seizure by the 4th amendment. Unless they start blacklisting companies from USPS, you are fine.

    Quick Spice/U-Review:

    It is a potent and tasty powerhouse. My friend decided not to heed my warning of moderation and claimed he was in another dimension. My wife and I used a moderate approach however sharing 1 incense burner and had some pretty great sexy times....


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