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By Tawney S Sankey

The only thing twelve-year-old Indigo Lightner really wants is to be normal. Yet, this seems very unlikely for a girl who communicates with trees, heals with her hands, and reads others thoughts and feelings by the color of light surrounding them. Her mother wants her to stop her imaginary nonsense and act normal. But because Indigo’s highly sensitive nervous system has her in constant sensory overload, she has minimal control over her odd behavior, eliciting the mockery of peers, frustration of teachers, her mother’s disapproval, and her own self-judgment and doubt. Until one day, an incident occurs in the middle school cafeteria, leading Indigo to discover that Dayton Smith, the teen next door, also possesses special powers.
Dayton reveals to Indigo that they are both integral players in a divine plan, devised by beings of a higher realm to save the Earth from the forces of darkness. Together, they embark on a fantastic journey, traveling on the backs of their magical Gris Gris flyers to the realm of Mictlan, where they meet other gifted children from indigenous cultures all over the globe.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Jim Durham

In many ways, Jim Durham has lived the same life all of us have lived. He was raised by imperfect parents, involved in good and bad relationships, experienced a range of religious influences, and worked hard to be the best person he could be. But a few critical experiences brought the essence of his life out of the shadows. A chance encounter led him to a college he couldn’t locate on a map (although Durham claims there is no such thing as coincidence). The death of a son and the challenges of raising a special-needs child are just a few of the powerful influences on his writing. His decision to leave the full-time practice of law, start a new career, and eventually start his own business are all addressed in My Father’s Writings. You will learn lessons he learned, share in the struggles he endured. You will find references to writers and inspirational leaders ranging from Samuel Johnson, the Reverend Peter Gomes, and Wayne Dyer, to Ram Dass, Nelson Mandela, Buddha, and Jesus Christ.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Antoinette Levine

Let this Life-Guide Handbook Rekindle Your Heart’s Wisdom

· Reframe “Old Ways of Thinking” into Powerful Perspectives

· Reduce Stress and Simplify Your Life

· Embrace Living as a Creative Process

· Realize the Inner-Outer Reality Connection

· Manifest the Life You Want

Antoinette Levine writes an intimate and stunning tale of return from near-death and her recovery from the ravages of strokes and lupus. Interwoven with her personal story is a lifetime of knowledge gained through immersion in the study of spiritual metaphysics and self development. The author experienced success as a dean’s list student of psychology and journalism, later an accomplished film industry professional.

Inspirational messages offered in seven guided stages reflect Antoinette’s cumulative experience. Artful teachings of our life processes draw upon the chakra system as a template for transformation and self-growth.

This book invites you to discover inner peace, wisdom and the freedom that living in alignment with Source brings. Explore the depths of your soul with self-inquiry exercises and distill what works for you. Rise up and rediscover your life purpose and the gifts you came to share.

“We all possess an innate strength to face challenges and thrive beyond adversity. Reclaim your Inner Power joyfully, utilizing this book as your guide. As you experience inner clearing work and remember Who You Really Are, uncaused joy awakens. Joy is our divine right. I staked my life on this Truth and returned to live and share it!”

FORMAT: Softcover
By Meesha Salaria
This book is the beginning of your life-changing journey, so START now and everything you desire will appear in your life at the right time, just as you expect.
START to expect Miracles
START to love yourself
START to say Thanks
START to give and receive each day
START to open up
START to experience life 'as is'
START to accept Miracles
START to recognize a MIRACLE when it shows up disguised.

Meesha Salaria is six years old and is passionate about life. It is her desire to inspire people to inspire other people to make this Planet Earth buzz with this inspirational Energy. She gets inspired by simple things in life and looks up to great teachers like T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, John Kehoe, Marjean Holden, Anthony Robbins, Louise Hay, Dr Seuss and so many more entrepreneurs/teachers/leaders and even her school teachers in grade 2. When someone asks her how she is? She says, SHE IS AWESOME because she really does feel AWESOME".

In her book, START, Meesha takes you through her story and shares her learnings and Miracles she experiences each day - This book is so simple that it can be read to toddlers, read by teenagers, adults and older generation alike. In a child's Universe (just like with Adults), the thoughts children think becomes their reality. So, parents, please START to encourage children to think powerful thoughts at a young age, START taking your kids to seminars, START reading inspiration books and biograraphies with the littlies, START doing affirmations with the kids, START a vision board with the little people, Just START.

Request to all Parents:
We are little people, so START us early. Why should we have to be an adult to learn all this self-development, when we can START at this young age - Meesha (6 years old)
FORMAT: Softcover
By His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi

The excerpts from the book for quick awareness:

1. Those who love God but do not practise a religion are better than you if you follow a religion and yet are deprived of God’s love.
2. Love relates to the heart. The word, “Allah,” when synchronised within heartbeats, reaches all veins and arteries through the blood and revives the souls. Then the souls, engulfed by God’s name, “Allah,” enter God’s love.
3. All names given to God in all languages are worthy of respect. However, God’s original name is “Allah,” which is a word from the Suryani language. The creatures of empyrean speak this language. The angels call upon God with the name of “Allah.” “Allah” is attached with the faith declaration motto of every prophet.
4. Any person who, with all the sincerity of heart, is in search for God, on land or in the sea, is worthy of respect.
5. Many Adams were sent in different regions of the world simultaneously. All Adams were moulded from the clay in this world, for except the last Adam who was moulded from the clay in paradise, and is buried in the Arab region. The angels did not prostrate to any other Adam for except Adam Safi Allah. And Iblis (the Devil) developed enmity for the progeny of Adam Safi Allah only.
6. There are seven different sub-spirits in the human skeleton, and each relates to a different realm, a different paradise, and different functions in the human body. If these sub-spirits are empowered with God’s light (Noor), they may appear in human form in many places simultaneously. They may reach the esoteric gatherings of the saints and the prophets, speak with God, and even see God in person also.
7. There are two different types of religions for all humans: the religion for the body, which expires when the body does, and the religion for the soul, which existed even in the primordial time—that is God’s love. And only this religion elevates humans.
8. Ishq (Rapturous Love) of Allah is above all other religions, and seeing Allah is above all forms of worship.
9. Information on how human beings, animals, plants, and stones were brought into existence, and why something is prohibited or permissible.
10. Who pre-existed the Amr Kun (the command “Be”) of the souls and the angels? Which dog will enter the paradise in form of Qatmir? The souls of which individuals had already affirmed the declaration of faith in the primordial time?

The secret of which man is not mentioned in this book?

FORMAT: Softcover
By Cynthia Salemi

This book will take the reader on a journey. It may lead you to question belief systems, and in doing so, maybe it will start to awaken a whole new world of endless possibilities. When you finish the last page, you will surely understand the power is within you. It always has been.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Pam Forseth

Float away on the inspirational wings of channelled messages, from the divine, heavenly world. There is no beginning and no end; they are timeless.

Timeless Treasures offers words for you to be strong, let go of your fears, and become who you are and who you were meant to be.

Let these words from the heavenly world fill your soul, body, and mind.

They capture you and take you away to another place where you feel comfortable and find that there is some one else out there who understands you and does not judge or criticize you. You feel safe in the knowing that there is someone that truly gets you.

These words are divinely guided through meditations. They will inspire you to become the person you have always dreamed of becoming and more.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Jan Johnson

Strong tradition and creativity flourish in the home of Emma Aileen Morgan, a young woman with three sisters who all come of age in the turbulent 1960s. When she moves away from home and becomes a professional dancer, Emma’s physical strength and external confidence thrust her forward. But inside she is carrying emotional confusion rooted in childhood experiences she hasn’t shared with her sisters.
An ill-destined marriage, betrayal, and unexpected losses cause Emma to question why her life has brought her so much adversity. The breaking down of her old life cuts a new path. Answers come through inner guidance when she starts remembering and documenting her nightly dreams.
Emma chooses to step into an alternative relationship and further changes her life direction by leaving the dance world to study the healing arts. Revelations and metaphysical experiences catapult her onto a conscious spiritual path that transforms the way she looks at the world. Her self-inquiry and change shake the foundations of her intimate partnership.
Jan Johnson sheds a light on the stories we tell, the beliefs we cling to, the power of dreams, and the process of spiritual awakening. In this account of her search for her own truth, Johnson offers tools that have the potential to help readers find their own higher understanding.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Richard D. Murphy

When stress creates a wedge between the rational mind and the emotional mind, we cannot be free to choose. However, nature offers us the tools to create and support positive change. This will matter as we age.
“Finally, a practical solution for such a common and persistent problem. A highly motivating read from a new perspective. This book can be applied immediately and continue to help those who need answers for life and business. Highly recommended for those who are looking for help now.”
life coach and international author, Best Affirmations

FORMAT: Softcover
By L.D.H. Wood, MD PhD

While building a strong program in Critical Care on foundations of excellence and compassion, Dr. Wood used two methods of inquiry and knowing:

• Science looked outward with objective, accurate, reproducible measurements to falsify erroneous explanations.

• Belief looked inward for purpose and meaning, analyzing personal subjective issues, like God, which cannot be falsified for lack of a Godometer.

• But when verified by the still small voice or intuition, belief creates a spiritual source of knowing akin to the scientific method.

• Recent books like War of the Worldviews assume science and spirituality are antagonistic; debating which is better is like bringing a knife to a gunfight, for both sides are vulnerable to critique.

Science, Belief, Intuition shows how the strengths of one fill the gaps of the other, providing more comprehensive understanding together than either alone.

By Tascha L. Stith
This is what I am sure of. There are millions of parents in this world. But there are only a select few with special needs children. No matter what you believe, this child was not given to you by mistake. You were chosen. You were entrusted to lead, guide and nurture that child. It’s not by mistake; it’s by design.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Christine V. DiSano
Trinity sang after him. “There is no telling what he will do! “A bind, I know he will have to unglue.” “This day will surely reveal a clue.” “Beware of the Deetkatu!” Meet the Little People...An Enchanting Adventure is a new book for children that can be used as an introduction to natural law. It is an enchanting adventure that teaches us the power we have within in us to create Joy even in the face of adversity. A family of elemental spirits we call the Little People live in the hollow of a tree. Join them and their friends as they venture us through the magical realm of nature when they encounter a human boy lost in the woods. Arthur makes many new friends while deep in the forest yet chooses a path where he must realize the awareness of who he really is and what is most important in life.
FORMAT: Softcover
By David L. Dyer

David L. Dyer, brother to world-renowned motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer, has his own inspirational story to share. It took David sixty-eight years and the life-altering diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease to truly grasp the signifi cance of his brother’s famous mantra, “Do not die with your music still in you.” Once he did, however,he was able to use his gift of language—a long-suppressed talent—to confront the demons that have haunted him for decades.

In his memoir, From Darkness to Light, David recalls stories of his life, from his earliest memories to his most recent years. He recounts childhood memories of playing with Wayne, two years his junior; going into foster care after his father abandoned his family; facing bullies and teasing; and struggling to learn to swim. As he grew older and drifted away from his close friendship with Wayne, David turned to partying and alcohol—and the latter would stay with him for years. He later joined the army and found himself serving in Vietnam, where he witnessed horrific events that would aff ect him for decades to come.

From Darkness to Light takes a cathartic journey through the events of one man’s life, following him up to the present. It celebrates the bond of brotherhood, and it embraces David as a boy, as a veteran, and as the man he is today.



FORMAT: Softcover
By Jeffrey R. Anderson

We’re all asking the same kinds of questions, with the same goal in mind:
How do I fit in? How can I navigate life gracefully? How can my life be more satisfying? How can I experience more love, joy, awe, and wonder? By learning, understanding, and applying the inherent wisdom that we find in the natural world, we can connect with people and with our planet, with our own hearts and souls, and create a life that is not only better for us as individuals, but perhaps together, create a world that works for everyone.

“With simplicity and humor Jeff shows how the wisdom of nature can free us, untangle us from the complexity of our ego-driven lives. This is the wisdom of the ordinary for each of us to treasure. Allow these clear and profound teachings to awaken you, so that you can glimpse the divine that is within you and all around.”
—Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee , Ph.D., Sufi teacher and author
“ …like a friendly sharing across a backyard fence or an informal exchange of insights across a cup of coffee, Jeff Anderson has written...about the times we live in, the challenges we face, and the kind of life and consciousness that may help us not just survive but prosper."
—David Spangler, author of Apprenticed to Spirit and Facing the Future
“A thought-provoking, humorous and touching collection of truly helpful ideas.”
—Dr. Edward Viljoen, author of Practice the Presence and Spirit Is Calling

FORMAT: Softcover
By Scott Peppard

This book is about putting the free back in free enterprise. A broker, agent, commissioned salesman/advisor is one of the few remaining vehicles left where a person can call the shots. I penned this to honor that noblest of professions: sales.

This treatise is for the broker, salesman, advisor, and agent in any industry, who is interested in transforming his practice. I will lay a foundation for building the business; it is to serve as a road map, showing how to double production in half the time and effort. The information that you are about to be exposed to is the result of studying successful people for thirty years and is distilled wisdom of the ages on how the enlightened command huge incomes in all market cycles.

Every man who works for someone else dreams about going on his own. After about ten years in the rut system, many decide to take a leap and do something solo and step right out of the pot, into the fire. The deck is stacked against small business, because most are undercapitalized and more significantly, lack the knowledge. There is no other small business than that of a broker with a lower startup cost or higher potential income. This book will give you the knowledge to make it on your own.

FORMAT: Softcover
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