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MediaMath is growing fast and our data volume throughput requirements are going up very quickly. MongoDB and 10gen have been extremely helpful partners for us in scaling our data infrastructure.

Vince Li MediaMath

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MongoDB User Groups (MUGs)

10gen is committed to supporting local developer communities that organize MongoDB User Groups (MUGs). MUGs are a great way for the community to learn from one another about MongoDB best practices, to network, and to have fun.

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Starting a MUG

Looking for a MUG in your city? 10gen can help you get started.

What you need to do as organizer:

  • Set up the group on meetup.com
  • Find a local venue for the group
  • Schedule the sessions on a monthly basis
  • Post presenter slides and provide a summary/blog post on each meeting that we can publish on 10gen.com and/or mongodb.org

What 10gen can offer:

  • Reimbursement to the organizer for meetup.com fees
  • Reimbursement to the organizer for pizza or food for the group on your anniversaries (Your First Meetup, Your First Anniversary Meetup etc)
  • Provide swag for distribution to the group
  • Connect the organizers with any local MongoDB users and potential presenters
  • Send a 10gen staff member to present at the most active and engaged groups at least once per year
  • Promotion of the group through the MongoDB newsletter, Twitter, and events page

Tips and Tricks for Organizing a Successful User Group

  • Have your meetup at the same place and same time every month
  • Ask your attendees what they would like to learn or share
  • Read tips from DC MUG organizer Nathen Harvey
  • Check out this planning resource from Hootsuite
  • Read up on more tips and tricks at The Book of Brilliant Things
  • Use the contact form below to learn more and get started: