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PILOT (#1_1001)
When the Santa Barbara police department hit a wall on a high profile kidnapping case, they reluctantly hire Shawn Spencer, the town's newest psychic detective, to help solve the crime.

Shawn Spencer is always moving on to the next fun thing and has never held a job for more than six months. He also has an incredible eye for detail and a near photographic memory, a skill drilled into him since he was young by his overbearing cop father. It's this ability that enables him to solve crimes just by watching the stories on the news. But as he goes in to pick up his reward check for one such helpful tip, he's hauled into questioning by Detective Lassiter for being in on the crime. No one could have that kind of information and not be on the inside. Backed into a corner, accused of being a partner in the crime, Shawn talks his way out of incarceration by claiming he got the information psychically. Since there's no way to disprove his claim, the police have to let him go.

On his way out, he's stopped by Interim Chief Vick. She asks him for help on a high profile kidnapping case. Camden McCallum, Jr., the sole male heir to the McCallum textile fortune, has been kidnapped. The investigation is stalled. They need a miracle and she'll take one in the form of a psychic.

Shawn realizes a new career has just fallen into his lap. He goes to see his best friend Gus, a pharmaceutical representative, and drags him into the adventure. Gus is reluctant but intrigued enough to take the afternoon off to help investigate the McCallum case.

Camden used to be a wild party boy. For some reason, about 18 months ago, he goes straight. Shawn figures he wouldn't just change his ways without something happening to make him. Camden was at a park when he disappeared along with his dog, which he never did anything without. Shawn quickly figures out that Camden kidnapped himself. Exactly 18 months ago, his father threatened to cut him off if he didn't clean up his act. Around the same time, Camden stopped hanging out with his close friend, Malcolm Orso. It turns out, Camden and Malcolm have been planning this from the beginning for the ransom money.


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