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PowerDraw 2D Vector Drawing Software


PowerDraw, made by using PowerCad, is a 2D vector draw application. The application that demonstrates all abilities of PowerCad, has no demo limitations. Powerdraw is developed in Delphi IDE using only Powercad without single line of code. You can download this drawing application free of charge and use it with no limitation.Also you can see the open source codes of this application in Powercad trial packages.

PowerDraw Installation

Download PowerDraw Setup from our downloads page annd run the setup. The setup will install the PowerDraw application to a folder you have selected. Sample drawings,macros,blocks and plugins will be copied to your system as well as the executable application.

General Features

You will see a drawing area when you will first open the application. This area is a page that is dimensioned by your values and you can make drawing in any zoom scale on this page..

Besides this page, Powerdraw; is consisted of toolbars, command menus and dialog windows. You can arrange and modify the toolbars and menus using the Customize Window , you can make any command visible and invisible. Also customizing provides you the ways to make new toolbars and menus with new commands or current ones.

To be able to make drawing on the page, a specific tool caommand should be selected (active). For this; by select any command from the Draw or Operations toolbars, you can draw any figure or make any operation on the figures.You can format the drawen figures using the commands on the Modify toolbar. Also the Context Menu that is poped up when you right click on the page or on a specific figure, provides you general or figure specific options. Many commands on the toolbars or menus can be run also through the keyboard shortcuts.

Use the Blocks

Most users are familiar to the concept block because of other CAD tools. A block is a predefined figure group taht is avaliable to insert a drawing. This is almost same as to insert a Clipart to a Word document. What is more in PowerDraw is that you can create your own blocks and can store them in organized block libraries. You can insert a block to any location in your drawing using the related menu command or opening the Blocks Mangeri. Also you can save a figure group of yours as a block with the Make Block command.






Use the Macros

Macros are an important feature of PowerDraw. Especially in enginering drawings, users may need drawing operations based on complex calculations. For this purpose; you can extend your possibilities just with a few lines of macro that is coded with the Pascal-like language and PowerDraw object model. PowerDraw makro dili bir çok çizim ve hesap fonksiyonu içermektedir. To use the Macro feature you should open the, Macro Manager window . You can write the commands of your macro on the word-editor provided on this window, you can run your macro or you can save it to reuse later. More if you want you can assign any macro as a menu or toolbar command using the Customize window. The sample macro below, draws a rectangle and foour circles centered on the corners of the rectnagle on the active layer.

// Sample Macro
  i,k : integer;
  For i := 0 to 1 do
   For k := 0 to 1 do

Use the Plugins

PowerDraw architectural desing provides interfaces for external plugins. For this purpose PowerDraw exports more than 200 functions to ne used by external applications or dlls. You can use the plugins that is developed for Powerdraw (so for the PowerCad) just copying then to plugins folder. Then you should only assing the commands provided by the plugin as menu or toolbar command using the customize window. Thus the plugin functions can be used as native commands as they belong to PowerDraw. PowerDraw standart setup installs to plugins named AdjustBitmap and PowerPaint as sample. You can download the further plugins developed by Tekhnelogos or third party vendors from our website.

What is More?

Using mouse actions or control methods to handle drawings.

Drawing line, polyline, rectangle, polygon, bezier, circle, ellipse, arc, pie, chord and text on the Designer Canvas.

Modifying the drawed figures.

Using layers and layer operations like merging.

Using all colors possible.

Using different style of pens with diffrent widths.

Using different style of brushes (including hatches) to paint drawings.

Creating text objects with any font installed in the system.

Saving the drawing as file and opening the file as drawing.

Printing the file to the printer and/or plotter.

Making unlimited Undo.

Cutting, copying, pasting and deleting the figures.

Grouping and ungrouping the figures.

Ordering the figures (SendToBack, BringToFront, etc.)

Rotating, scaling and mirroring the figures.

Making polar and rectangular figure arrays.

Aligning the figures in any style.

Inserting bitmaps or jpeg pictures to the drawing.

Scaling, rotating, mirroring,skewing and flipping bitmaps.

  Inserting WMF/EMF files as editable objects.

Exporting the drawing as WMF file.

Using plugins developed as DLL in a special structure(documented).

Making macros in pascal-like language and running them in the designer.

Using trace guides(in several angles) when drawing.

Zooming and panning, viewing the drawing in any scale.

Using page formats like (A4,letter, etc.) or custom sizes.

Making block from figures and adding it to the librarry.

Using block librarries, inserting blocks.

Snapping the mouse actions to grids, guidelines or the current objects.

Using grids and guidelines.

Using vertical and horizontal rulers.

Download the PowerDraw application.

You can download the PowerDraw with no charge,freely from our download page. Powerdraw is a freeware application with no functional limitation.

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