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Quaker  - The Quaker Corner
Quaker  - Cyndi Howells list of Quaker genealogy sites
Quaker  - Southern Quaker Genealogy
Quaker  - Canadian Friends Historical Association
Quaker  - Finding Your Quaker Roots
Quaker  - Frontier Press Bookstore - Quaker History
Quaker  - GenDex = / Groups and Societies
Quaker  - Glossary of Quaker Terms     -    Quaker Abbreviations
Quaker  - Guilford College Friends Historical Collection ~ Greensboro, North Carolina
Quaker  - Meeting Organization of the Society of Friends (Quakers)
Quaker  - Old Style & New Style Dates for the Quaker Calendar
Quaker  - Quaker Burying Ground Morris, New York, Surnames A-M and Surnames N-Z
Quaker  - Quaker Dates
Quaker  - Quaker Families On Line
Quaker  - QUAKER-L Mailing List
Quaker  - Quaker Marriages
Quaker  - Quaker Monthly Meetings  - Searchable database.
Quaker  - Quaker Queries - Submit your queries for free to this publication. Search the online index to one of the recent issues.
Quaker  - Quaker Queries & Archives
Quaker  - QUAKER-ROOTS Discussion Group 
Quaker  - Quaker Silhouettes
Quaker  - The Quaker Wall   (List the Quaker names you are researching. )
Quaker  - The Quaker Yeoman Online
Quaker  - Quakers [Society of Friends] in Illinois
Quaker  - Rahway & Plainfield Monthly Meeting - Includes Register of Births - 1705 - 1890, Register of Deaths - 1705 - 1892, Plainfield Burial Ground.
Quaker  - The Religious Society of Friends
Quaker  - Research Resources for Quaker Genealogy
Quaker  - Southern Quaker Genealogy 
Quaker  - Wrightsboro: a Georgia Quaker Colony 
Quaker  - Willow Bend Bookstore - Quaker Genealogy
Quaker - Quaker Mailing Lists
Quebec - Eastern Townships-Quebec
Quebec Family Historical Society's Home Page
Quebec - Societe Genealogique de l'est du Quebec (SGEQ)
Quebec - Soci�t� d'Histoire et de G�n�alogie de Rivi�re-du-Loup
Quebec - The Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications
Quebec - Federation of Quebec Rooted Families
Quebec - Quebec genealogy resources.
Quebec - Soci�t� G�n�alogique de L'est du Qu�bec
Quebec - Genealogy Publications of Ontario and Quebec
Quebec - Quebec, Eastern Townships and New England Research
Quebec - Hebridean Scots of the Province of Quebec
Quebec - Archives Nationales du Qu�bec, libraries, genealogical societies
Quebec - The file vican-qu (30k) is summary (in English) describing the vital statistics in Quebec.
Quebec - The files qc_soc1 (18k) and qc_soc2 (15k) contain a list of Quebec genealogical societies as well as those societies which are particularly interested in Quebec
Quebec - The file (198k) is a list of numerous pioneers and their origin (file is in binary format and very large: don't read it with Lynx).
Quebec - Search of a geographical name

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