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OOrganizer - to-do list



It's been a long time since we released update for OOrganizer. Today we want to present totally new feature - to-do list. This is only the first and very basic implementation so any ideas are welcome! Have fun!

Install OOrganizer

OOrganizer 1.0 beta

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We're pleased to announce that development of OOrganizer achieved beta stage. We're working very hard to add such features with this release:

- time zones support,
- auto updates of calendars synchronized with Google calendar,
- sortable calendars list,
- handling repeated events while dragging and resizing,
- settings dialog.

On first start you will be asked about your current time zone. You can choose it from the list or use geolocation for automatic detection.

You can always change it in the new settings panel (click button next to the search input).

Calendars synchronized with Google calendar will have special icon next to the name in the calendars list.

By default synchronization is launched every 3 minutes. You can always change it in the settings panel.

We'll provide more details about this release in the future posts. If you've some problems with specific functionality please let us know. We hope that you'll help us with fixing remaining bugs and improve quality of the final product. You can download widget from here.

Known issues:
- calendar widget for "repeat until" option is unstyled,
- events in month view can't be closed and aren't draggable.

Hot development OOrganizer release


For quite a while we didn't write anything about OOrganizer, however it doesn't mean we weren't working on it. We were, and today we'd like to show you the brand new, still hot OOrganizer Alpha 6.

We'd changed UI, improved navigation and added possibility to export calendars to Google Calendar. After we added import from Google Calendar feature a lot of people asked for adding export as well. It took a while but now we're ready to show it to you and we're asking for your help! We're interested in your opinions about OOrganizer, features which you find necessary to be added and, of course, bug reports.

To export your calendar click on calendar name displayed in left panel, choose Export to Google Calendar and provide your account credentials - they won't be stored anywhere and everything will be sent over SSL.

You can download OOrganizer Alpha 6 from here (updated)

Some parts of th UI are still in a truly "alpha state" (e.g. the small popup calendar shown in "repeat until" field) however we're still working on things like that to end up with beautiful application and still we want to release development versions as often as possible.

So have fun organizing your time and feel free to comment about everything you like and don't like in OOrganizer.

New Alpha version of OOrganizer especially for you


I'm really happy to introduce you another version of our OOrganizer widget.

Previous versions are still available on widgets.opera.com

Here is a list of some important changes:
- confirm button before removing calendars,
- handling \n characters in event's descriptions,
- draggable all-day events,
- in daily and weekly view, events that are 30 minutes long show title instead of time,
- alarm one day before event starts,
- repeat until option,
- description field is removed from event's dialog,
- default audio alarm,
- import existing calendars from Google Calendar,
- update events changed in Google Calendar in OOrganizer,
- no authentication data is stored in widget and all personal data is transfered using SSL

If you want to check new version you have to have Opera 10.61 browser available on Desktop Team blog.

Install OOrganizer with improvements described above.

Please remember, that version is still alpha.