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  1. @dsghi good to tweet with you during #twittamentary screening. I am the filmmaker. :)
  2. RT @twittamentary: Love Twitter Song by @ihatemornings? Watch the original YouTube video here! #twittamentary
  3. @taracoomans ok. try again now. we have adjusted the settings. it should work now.
  4. RT @wahinemedia: Join #SMCHI tonight for a screening of #twittamentary at @HIGreenHouse and stay to watch @ImprovHi
  5. Now listening to Inner City Blues by Marvin Gaye. Gotta love the intricate rhythms and sexy grooves
  6. I can't believe I have to leave Los Angeles for Beijing in a few hours. Thanks to @smc_la for a great #twittamentary screening
  7. @StJohnDeakins @Serena #Twittamentary trended in LA tonight during the screening. :)
  8. RIP Nora Ephron
  9. RT @smc_la: #twittamentary --now its time to take social ACTION - Pls go donate what you can to @invisiblepeople RT?
  10. RT @hardlynormal: Hey Santa Monica! Hurry and come over to 820 Broadway. Pizza is here and Twittamentary screening in a few.
  11. @jeremywaite I sent you an email to see if you could help my friend @hardlynormal who is making a trip to London soon for a gd cause. :)
  12. @andegregson @media140 pls see my email. my friend @hardlynormal is seeking hotel sponsor for his upcoming London trip to film homeless.
  13. @jeremywaite I need your help. can you pls DM your email address? :)
  14. RT @smc_la: Join us tonight @Twittamentary screening celebration & fundraiser! #SMCLA
  15. Thx babes. ;) RT @Mika_Tan: Happy Belated Birthday, @sioksiok Thanks for celebrating with me and @hardlynormal
  16. Just arrived in LA. Look forward to #twittamentary reunion with @hardlynormal and @Mika_Tan #SMCLA screening tomorrow
  17. RT @Serena: Guess who's coming to town? @sioksiok presenting @Twittamentary - a doc on how Twitter changes lives! RSVP:
  18. @Mika_Tan @hardlynormal flight was delayed for 2 hours. just arrived in LA #twittamentary
  19. RT @NiemanLab: builds a platform to structure data to improve local diaster relief