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    'God particle' discovery hailed

    Scientists may have finally tracked down the elusive "God particle" that gives matter mass and holds the physical fabric of the universe together.

    Teams at the Large Hadron Collider, the £2.6 billion "Big Bang" atom-smasher near Geneva, said they had found a new particle "consistent" with the Higgs boson.

    The discovery was described as "momentous" and "a milestone". But the results are preliminary and more work is needed before the scientists can be sure about what they have captured.

    Observations so far show it looks and acts like the long-sought particle that has eluded them for 50 years.

    Finding the Higgs is vital to the Standard Model, the theory that describes the web of particles, forces and interactions that make up the universe.

    Without the Higgs boson to give matter mass and weight, there could be no Standard Model universe. If it was proven not to exist, scientists would have to rip up the theory and go back to the drawing board.

    Professor Peter Higgs, the retired British physicist from Edinburgh University who lent his name to the particle, heard the announcement with other scientists at a packed seminar in Geneva.

    The 83-year-old professor hit on the concept of the Higgs mechanism in 1964 while walking in the Cairngorms.

    Known for his unassuming nature and shunning the limelight, he wiped away a tear as the historic significance of the findings became apparent.

    "I am astounded at the amazing speed with which these results have emerged," he said. "I never expected this to happen in my lifetime and shall be asking my family to put some champagne in the fridge."



    • Shane  •  3 days ago
      2-3 billion to understand the fabric of the universe and create new branches in science and technological discovery. 30 billion to bail out one irish bank... sounds like a good deal. well done to the peole involved.
      • Emma 3 days ago
        Isn't it. I can't understand all the grumbling about money, 2.3 billion is nothing compared to the money used on the banks, arms industry and tax avoidance, not to mention the wealth of the churches. Science is the most under-funded sector in the world. We spend more on parks and heritage than we do on science.
      • andrew 3 days ago
        and then we complain about science while sitting at computers connected to an internet, powered by electricity from power station while in our air conditioned homes made of metal alloys, bricks and plastics before driving around in our cars or flying in planes while chatting to friends on mobile phones

        damn that science, whats it ever done for us nothing! oh wait
      • David 3 days ago
        Knowing to much will only bring disaster!Human nature!What else.
    • George  •  Wakefield, England  •  3 days ago
      No Yahoo comments section would be complete without a mention of Bankers, so, bankers.
      • J 3 days ago
        or immigration , that other yahoo obssession.
      • neazden 3 days ago
        ...or race. No-one has yet asked what colour the Higgs Boson is.
      • Pat F 3 days ago
        A great day for science,,but i dont understand how people can say this undermines peoples faith in a god,,,,after all if before the big bang there was nothing then what created the particle of matter that stared the big bang,,in my view god,,,and if scince shows that there are multi universes and they in turn created ours,,then again i will say thank you to science for educating us but i will also say that it all had to start some where and again i will say this all started through god,,,,,
    • Colin  •  Slough, England  •  3 days ago
      And already our Government ministers are meeting with the inland revenue to work out how to tax us on it
      • james d 3 days ago
        Colin? ur not related to Ken Dodd be any chance are yers m8?:)
      • John thomas 3 days ago
        Well they have to say that they have found something?? Else the spnsorship that they enjoy would dry up,
      • Keith 3 days ago
        Calling this the 'God' particle is a poor choice of name. No matter what evidence is provided to the god squad members to prove a scientific basis for all the universe, some will never see what is under their nose. As far as I am concerned all religions are just people argueing over whose imaginary friend is best.
    • diane  •  Poole, England  •  3 days ago
      Typical Yahoo...they give endless space to drivel eg 'how to pack lightly for hols' but can't be bothered to do a bit of background research for something as momentous as this. 3 sentences and one appallingly punctuated quote.
      • PETER 3 days ago
        Diane.Why do you slap down Yahoo.If you had bothered to read the piece properly,you would see that that the news originated from the Press Association,a well respected and long established news agency(not that an ignoramus like you would know that).All this happened under an hour ago,all that the PA have done is relay a press release from the Chief Exec of the there has has not been time to expand the rather terse statement with extra research to satisfy your rather exacting requirements.What a terrible shame

      • jeremy 3 days ago
        Why insult the lady by calling her an ignoramus?
      • clout 3 days ago
        If the real god was to appear in front of this £2.3bn experiment.These scientists still wouldnt believe in god.
    • John L  •  Madrid, Spain  •  3 days ago
      Brilliant! Now we can
      • Shaf H 3 days ago
        carry on living in reccession.
      • Andy 3 days ago
        Because 2.6 Billion was wasted on this
      • jackyboy 3 days ago
        god is already among us his name is bono (ask him)
    • Briton  •  Budapest, Hungary  •  3 days ago
      This is a momentous day for science indeed and I'm baffled how stupid some commenters really are here.
    • Emma  •  Bristol, England  •  3 days ago
      Dear media. Please, please, please stop calling it a God Particle!! It is not a God particle, it has nothing to do with religion and it is so misleading to the public. They have found the Higgs Boson Particle. It is basically the missing piece of the jigsaw in terms of the standard model of the universe, the missing particle which would explain why our universe can exist and how it stays together, it is a brilliant breakthrough discovery but people are just going to scoff at it if you don't explain it properly and keep bringing 'God' into it. This is science, not Sunday school.
    • The Horse  •  London, England  •  3 days ago
      Proffessor Higgs must hate it when they refer to his discovery as the 'God Particle' he's a very strong atheist.
    • neil m  •  3 days ago
      The media spin on this is, as usual, unhelpful, but I find the ignorance of many of the comments people have made quite depressing.

      Firstly, the discovery of the Higgs boson says nothing about the existence or otherwise of any god. I am an atheist, but this discovery lends no special support to my view on the subject. The term 'God' particle was only coined because of its importance in the standard model of particle physics, and is frankly a bit of a pain.

      Secondly, this kind of fundamental research is not about immediate practical benefits. How could it be when we don;t know in advance what we are going to discover? But time and again unexpected benefits have come as spin offs from pure research. Our society is totally dependent on science and technology, and we have to understand the physics to keep developing this technology.

      Thirdly, the standard model of physics is a towering intellectual achievement that has already altered our world beyond anything that could have been previously imagined. Projects like this are the cathedrals of our age, and we should be immensely proud to be part of a civilization that has gone so far beyond any previous one in understanding our universe. It baffles me that so many people choose to remain utterly ignorant and contemptuous of one of the greatest achievements humans have ever produced.
    • Fox *Molder*  •  3 days ago
      Will this new discovery help at all to resolve things
      between gravity-based ["Einstein's"] physics, and quantum [sub-atomic] physics?
    • David  •  Mullingar, Ireland  •  3 days ago
      what is so amazing about so many of the responses to this is the number of people who, sitting at their computers and using the internet, the same people who probably take medicines, drive cars, use electricity. Continue to wonder what is the point of science and moan about the cost of research. Who knows what this will lead to any more than the Wright Brothers could forecast international low cost mass transport or Charles Babbage could have predicted the modern desktop computer. No one can predict what will be the results of this discovery but chances are all sorts of new and wonderful things will come out of it. People need to look around them and see all the benefits that modern science and medicine have given them. If we, the human race, simply give and stop research then eventually we will be as extinct as the dinosaurs, we have to progress, its what we do. We've been doing it since the Stone Age. Thank goodness we have otherwise we would still be living in mud huts with a life expectancy of 30 years.
    • SAMAAN  •  3 days ago
      Wow some of us can be negative! We're happy to watch millionaires chase after a round ball for 90 minutes but as soon as we expand our knowledge and start down the round of even greater discoveries we're all very satirical...if you don't get it, you dont deserve to!
    • DAVID  •  Carterton, England  •  3 days ago
      And what do we do with it now its been found???
    • Jane  •  Crawley, England  •  3 days ago
      For everyone who has dismissed this as nonsense or a waste of time, concider that a few million years ago, someone just like you made similar remarks about the people who were wasting time, mucking about banging rocks together and playing with fire.
    • peter b  •  3 days ago
      It doesn't matter if anyone believes in, or does not believe in, "God" - "God" is not a physical entity whose existence can either be proved or disproved by empirical record.The "God" proposition is a metaphysical proposition employing non-empirical criterea. To many this will mean that it is an invalid proposition; to others the question remains regarding the exclusive validity of the the empirical.
    • Malthouse  •  3 days ago
      Who knows? we may be in the Matrix.
    • Tony  •  Coventry, England  •  3 days ago
      I just wish all these clever people could stop it raining for a few days.
    • Daniel  •  3 days ago
      My mind is blown at the technology used to investigate the 'god particle'. We really are capable of extraordinary things.
    • anthony  •  3 days ago
      if you look at the history of each time we get down to a smaller piece of matter massive advances in technology follow soon after, dont be so quick to mock, this will effect everything.
    • LISA  •  Dublin, Ireland  •  3 days ago
      A Higgs-Boson walks into a church, the priest says “We don’t allow Higgs-Bosons in here.” The Higgs-Boson says “But without me how can you have mass?...

      fantastic news such an exciting discovery!!! Science Rocks :-)
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