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Charles Potter Jr. for State Rep - 1st District (January 2012)

Dear Friend:

You may have heard that I am running for office again in 2012. There's a twist this year... I am running for the open seat in the Delaware House of Representatives, 1st District. I am a loyal Democrat and a three-term City Council member with both legislative and executive experience. There is a growing public desire for every governmental institute from school boards, to the General Assembly, and all the way to Congress to expand access to information on both sides of the aisle. One of my main reasons for serving on Wilmington City Council has been my desire to improve transparency in the political process. This is also an important factor in my decision to run for State Representative.

While on City Council, in addition to serving the constituents of my district and citizens of Wilmington, I also addressed many issues of statewide concern. I made it my business to be in the lead on some of the most important issues of our time, including:

Eminent Domain
I voted 'NO' on the use of eminent domain for non-public projects. I stood alone on this issue until citizens throughout the state raised their voices and the Delaware Legislature enacted law preventing governments from forcing citizens to sell their property to private interests.
Environmental Stewardship
Standing shoulder to shoulder with grass roots community activists we successfully lobbied for recycling measures to reduce the Cherry Island Landfill. As Public Works Committee Chair, I continued to push for increased education and involvement of residents with the recycling program. Together with committed environmental advocates, we fought to prevent local companies from transporting the deadly chemical "VX" nerve gas through Delaware waterways.
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (now state wide)
With 20+ years as a business owner, I understand how vital small business is to our local economy and the value of a level playing field to support diversity among those businesses. I championed legislation aimed at including minority and women owned companies in city contracts. The governor embraced this legislation and adopted similar guidelines for DBE's at the state level.
Public Health/Cancer Cluster
Having had several family members succumb to cancer, I am ever alert as to the contaminants here in Delaware and the environmental hazards impacting the health of our neighbors and loved ones. I joined the Lt. Governor and others to initiate a state wide Cancer Cluster Study.
Sunday Bus Service
This was a long hard battle and a huge success for many of us who saw the need and believed that citizens deserved access to public transportation for work and worship on Sundays.
I have long believed Wilmington children have suffered far too much from the effects of court ordered 'busing'. The loss of parental involvement, the proven lack of parity in school discipline, feelings of alienation and isolation are some of the areas of concern and some of the reasons I believe locally controlled Wilmington public schools can address these issues better than the present system.
The Mortgage/Foreclosure Debacle
Each day, more and more Delawareans find themselves at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure. This is absolutely devastating to families and threatens the very fiber of our communities. Many people lose their homes unjustly to improper and deceptive foreclosure practices. It is imperative that we protect individuals' real property rights and maintain integrity in the mortgage finance system. I am committed to this, and to fostering fair housing practices and home ownership in our state.

It is clear that I have never been one to shy away from hard work. As a City Councilman I have done my best to uphold the interest of those who elected me to serve. I am running for State Representative to continue this work in Dover, on behalf of residents of the 1st Representative District and all Delawareans. I hope you'll agree that we need a strong voice in Dover; a hard worker with experience and the fortitude to stand up for what's right.

But I need your help to get to Dover. Your contribution will help me get the word out about the work that I've been doing and the important work that remains to be done. I hope I can count on your support.