Shares of Apple hit a new all-time high on Wednesday morning, eclipsing $300.

At that price, Apple is now valued at $274 billion, more than Intel, Hewlett Packard and Google, and within striking distance of the world’s largest company, Exxon Mobil, which is valued at $329 billion. Apple passed archnemesis Microsoft in valuation earlier this year.

While Apple’s stock has been on a tear this year on the strength of iPad and iPhone sales, you only have to go back about a year and a half to when the global economic crisis and concerns about the health of Steve Jobs had the company trading at less than $80 per share.

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  1. good thing we bought in at $7 :)

  2. While Apple is an exceptionally innovative company and arguable the king of marrying consumers and technology, their fortunes are undoubtedly linked to the brilliance of Steve Jobs and the stock should reflect that risk IMO.

    The succession issue has not been answered satisfactorily.

  3. Totally regretting having not bought it when it was at $85. *sigh*

  4. Tomasz Piotrowski (PvB)

    Forest Gump is a lucky man ;-)))
    In 2-3 years the price of Apple will fall because I don't believe they can keep up this good trend. iPhone 4 is not that great and HTC with Android will eat them alive soon. Ipad will be a gadget from the past in 1-2 years. What will remain then?

    • Whatever the next Apple product is?

      Apple faces competition for sure but the reason the stock keeps ascending is in large part because they keep turning out record quarters quarter after quarter while also having profit margins on levels that are truly an anathema to the rest of the industry. Couple that with $47 billion in cash reserves…

    • the iPhone is great. Android phones are great. They are both great. Not seeing how Apple has grown and still has potential to grow is just sticking your head in the sand. And when Apple fan boys don't see how Google is really taking Apple to task (both in technology and in marketshare), that's also sticking their head in the sand.

      the iPad is a forward thinking device. That is why Google is scrambling to compete in that space (see also GoogleTV vs. Apple TV). I can't wait to see what Google comes out with.

      Apple is the company that has been able to get media companies paid for their content (see the iTunes store selling more music than Walmart). Because of that, media companies are doing what they can to get iPad's (and hopefully successful Google tablets) into people hands who are willing to actually pay for content over the web, which has always been tricky to do. The disadvantage of a more open platform is rampant piracy. Google Apps are heavily pirated. Media companies frown on that.

      You want to criticize Apple? Criticize the closed platform. Criticize Ping. Calling iPhone 4 not that great? That's missing the mark in my opinion. Is it the best? I don't think there is one best phone right now. That's great for us, the gadget hungry public as we actually get real choices.

  5. Isn't PetroChina the biggest company?

  6. @lucapettini

    share doesn't mean nothing.. it's just a point between buy/sell of the market. If tomorrow everybody decide to sell Apple shares, price will fall to under 50$… but company will be the same.

  7. It was only a matter of time before it hit $300. I, however, wouldn't touch Apple stock. People are in a frenzy to get it. If Apple has a few bad quarters these same people might go into a panic and cause the stock to drop. The problem is they are TOO good right now. Every time I think they are going to have a dismal product that doesn't do so great, they just surpass EVERYONE's expectations; even those who felt they were going to succeed. Everyone thinks they can't fail. At some point they might not meet the ridiculous bar they've set.

    • Very true. They've done their acts of magic, and it's only a matter of time until they make “less than expected” or screw up somehow. Everyone does.

  8. Didn't Microsoft split their stock 4 times?

  9. i hope apple would announce that they would be giving part of it to charity.

  10. Apple is going great, but I have a feeling that their shares are very over valued and will drop to $290 or $280 within a months time, but you cannot predict that as Rumors are spreading that Apple is launching the new version of Mac which is sure to push the shares high.

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  12. That's great! But I think it is already too late to buy in :(

  13. aaronortiz

    Market prices rise and fall…this is a time to sell…especially before the next Apple event…after which the price will go down a bit. At that precise moment, you can reinvest in Apple, and get a small payback.

  14. While 82% makes it looks worse than it is, it is still a bit alarming. If that trend continues, based on the rest of the information provided by SquareTrade, more than 1 out of 10 people will have to get their phone replaced after the first year.

    I didn't put much effort into it, but didn't find anything on the rate of these problems for any of the android phones. Is that somewhere?

    I've heard some people say they actually think the iPhone4 is to small/light and that may contribute to dropping it?

  15. Their stock value now is just like their products…overpriced and overvalued. OH!

  16. Wish I had some shares in Apple a few years ago.

  17. Awesome.. about time a tech company is bigger than oil!