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The Fiat 124 sport coupe is a fantastic (long forgotten) Italian GT. There is very little information all in one website concerning this rare unique car. I feel it is the right moment to share my knowledge and experience with past, present and future owners. I have been owning, restoring and modifying coupes since 1983! Be sure to check out my "Robs history & coupes" section. View all my cars past and present. Plus I will show all the upgrades and modifications done to them.


This website will also document (most importantly) a world wide owners registry.  I am proudly honoured to take over what Cesare Consaga started many years ago. Cesare's site was no- with little space for graphics & mostly facts! For many years his website was the only place to go for coupe owners looking for info on the internet! Basically Cesare has gracefully given me all thewebsites content and it is slowly getting back on line. 


Today there are many surviving pristine cars all over the world. I have personally seen probably the best bone stock un-restored beauties. Most are in the home country. Plus many are still off the road in garages going through very slow restorations.


Also this site will host brochures and road tests of the day. Modifications & restorations of street cars, video clips of many coupes world wide. Plus full details and specs from folks who race a 124 coupe with success.


Rob. C


Robs one of a kind 1972 BC US model



Robs fire breathing 1608cc!





 Robs Imacculate 1971 BC US model                                         

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            John Catania's BC GT4