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Other Vietnam Links


WWW Virtual Library: Socialist Republic of Vietnam
A collection of about 700 links to information about Vietnamese culture, government, law, history, education, environment, etc.

An Introduction to Vietnam
InterKnowledge Corp.'s description of Vietnamese geography, climate, history, culture, and people.

Historical and Tactical Maps of Vietnam
From the Vietnam Veterans Home Page.


Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
A collection of materials for studying and teaching the Viet Nam War.

Vietnam: A Teacher's Guide
A guide to teaching the Viet Nam War, from the Asia Society.

Center of Military History
A search on "Vietnam" yields a collection of oral histories, principally exit interviews with soldiers.

The History Net
A collection of materials on U.S. and world history maintained by the National Historical Society. A search on "Vietnam" yields a collection of first-person accounts of the war.

Viet Nam Veterans Home Page
An interactive, online forum for Viet Nam veterans and their families and friends to exchange information, stories, poems, songs, art, photographs, and experiences.

The Sixties Project and Viet Nam Generation, Inc.
A collection of resources on the '60s protests against the war in Viet Nam.

Vietnam War


Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Virtual Visitors' Center
National Park Service site providing information for visitors.

The Wall
From the Vietnam Veterans Home Page, pictures and stories from visitors to the Wall.

The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall
From CPEQ, a searchable electronic version of the Wall.

Personal Legacy: The Healing of a Nation
A Smithsonian exhibition of objects left at the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.

Images, memories, and poetry from Viet Nam veterans.

Re: Vietnam--Stories since the War
Based on the PBS series on the Viet Nam War.


National Archives and Records Administration

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library

Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum Vietnam Country File


Viet Nam Pictures Archive

Vietnam Interactive Portfolio
E. Kenneth Hoffman's gallery of Viet Nam photographs, many of which are featured, with his permission, on this site.


Gateway to the online Vietnamese community, including links to businesses in California, cultural events, online publications, free software, community services, newsgroups, and personal pages.

Viet-Net Web
Another gateway to the virtual Vietnamese community.

Vietnamese entertainment network in San Jose, California, featuring events, CDs, singers bios, movie reviews, and pictures of Viet Nam.

Viet Nam Non-Governmental Organizations


Vietnam Art Gallery
An online gallery of contemporary Vietnamese artists.

Fine Arts of VietNam
Another online gallery of contemporary Vietnamese artists.

Traditional Music of Vietnam
Tieng Vong Que Huong, an ensemble from San Jose, California, formed in 1985, performs traditional Vietnamese music.

Voices of Vietnam
A special feature from Rootsworld and Dirty Linen magazine on a musical exchange experience.

Taoism Information Page
An introduction to Taoism.


Vietnam: Consular Information Sheet
U.S. State Department's travel advisory.