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= Finn's Hotel: the battle ==============================================

In September 1992, Danis Rose of Dublin announced the 'discovery' of an
unknown collection of short stories written by Joyce in 1923, between
Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.  Rose claimed Joyce's intended title had been
"Finn's Hotel".  These were to be published by Viking/Penguin in March
1993, but that date has been postponed indefinitely.

In the Times Literary Supplement in February 1993, Stephen James Joyce
(Joyce's grandson) declared that the Joyce Estate did not accept Rose's
claims, and would not allow this work to be published.  Rose had also 
announced his 'corrected' edition of FW for 1995, but Stephen has vowed
to block that, too.

= Finn's Hotel: the stories ============================================

You can read the Finn's Hotel stories in any of three published
formats: The first issue of The James Joyce Review (1957) included
most of them in transcriptions by M.J.C. Hodgart.  Easier to find
might be David Hayman's 1963 "First Draft Version of FW" (FDV) or
the massive 63-volume James Joyce Archive, Garland's facsimile
edition of all Joyce's manuscripts and notebooks (JJA).  The latter
offers every level of draft; Rose presumably intended to use the
typescripts that were approximately third drafts; these were also what 
Hodgart used.

1. Roderick O'Conor (FDV203-4, JJA55 p463-65) (in published FW pp380-82)
2. Tristan and Isolde (FDV208-12, JJA56 p20-24) (FW pp383-99, mixed with MMLJ)
3. Saint Kevin (FDV273-4, JJA63 p38e-f) (FW pp604-606)
4. Berkeley and Patrick (FDV279, JJA63 p148-165) (FW pp611-12)
5. H.C.E. (FDV62-3, JJA45 p14-17) (FW pp30-34)
6. Mamalujo (FDV213-19, JJA56 p71-80) (FW pp383-99, mixed with T&I;)
7. The Revered Letter (FDV81-3, JJA46 p281-87) (FW pp615-19)

= Finn's Hotel: the case against ========================================

Rose had presented an argument in the Spring 1989 issue of "A Finnegans
Wake Circular" that "Finn's Hotel" was the 'real' original title of FW,
based mostly on a couple of ambiguous hints in Joyce's unpublished letters.
This case is not strengthened by claiming the original vignettes were for
an entirely different book. (The astonishing thing is that the early 
history of FW is still so poorly understood, that a claim like this is 
hard to argue for *or* against!)

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