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Could a US presidential candidate run on the platform suggested below in the teens?
Probably not. 
But one ought to by the 2020's. 


Towards the "Singularity"

Adam Smith's invisible hand seems much better than centralized planning at producing material goods.  Won't "future Wikipedias" provide for credit and open up markets for professional knowledge?  Information now available for free need not become costly but people with valuable knowledge could be better motivated to earn a living by helping to create a global knowledge trust. 

It would have to be both open and amenable to correction.  It must give credit where credit is due, and facilitate resolution of disputes with logic and simple statistics such as the velocity of approval.  With options on outcomes, one could make money by correcting factual and logical errors, as well as misinterpretations due to weak writing and faulty translation.  These will inexorably lead to conversational machines that maintain truth and exhibit wisdom.  With these and robots under human control, there will be the potential for much greater hell on Earth.  Or heaven.  Imagine the bling, and the freedom from drudgery, and a post-material age.

The age of truly conversational machines will be preceded by social decision making systems that are open to all but beholden to evidence, logic and principles.  Every kind of organization and community will use them.  Executive authority would be needed only for confidential matters.  The more that citizens then corporations and governments and citizens choose open and principled existence, the less there will be secrets and dangers and the faster heaven will come down to Earth. 

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Thanks to Bryan Thompson for teaching me about truth maintenance machines.