This statement was approved by the American Geological Institute's Executive Committee in January 1999. It was subsequently distributed to the presidents of AGI's Member Societies seeking their endorsement. After obtaining endorsements from 16 member society presidents, the statement was distributed to Congress that December.

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Global climate change is one of the major policy issues facing the United States. The policy decisions that face our Nation's leaders must be based on the best available scientific information. The American Geological Institute (AGI) strongly supports education concerning the scientific evidence of past climate change, the potential for future climate change due to the current building of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and the policy options available. AGI recognizes that:

The American Geological Institute is a federation of 34 member societies whose 100,000 individual members represent a broad array of interests and expertise in the earth sciences. This statement has been endorsed by the elected leadership of the American Geological Institute and the 1998-1999 presidents of the following member societies:

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Posted February 12, 1999; Last updated December 29, 1999

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