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Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2008-2009
Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West

Orange titles are more technical; Green titles are less technical.

Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video
3 Sep 2008 Lee Roberts
Boston University
Muon (g-2): A Probe of the Standard Model and Beyond E. Prebys Abstract PPT Video
10 Sep 2008 No Colloquium          
17 Sep 2008 No Colloquium          
24 Sep 2008 Andrey Lomako
DALSA Corporation
In conjunction with the Pixel 2008 Workshop
Solid State Imagers in Space and Scientific Applications - DALSA Technology
R. Lipton Abstract    
1 Oct 2008 Paolo Brenni
CNR - FST - IMSS, Florence, Italy
The Telephone: An Invention with Many Fathers E. Barzi Abstract PPT Video
8 Oct 2008 George H. Atkinson, former Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretaries of State Powell and Rice
Institute of Science for Global Policy
Science and Technology in Global 21st Century Societies E. Barzi Abstract PPT Video
15 Oct 2008 Robert Garisto
Physical Review Letters
Half a Century of Physical Review Letters C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PDF Video
22 Oct 2008            
29 Oct 2008 Thomas K. Gaisser
University of Delaware
IceCube--A New Detector for Neutrino Astronomy and Particle Astrophysics P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
5 Nov 2008 John Rogers
U of I, Urbana/Champaign
Rescheduled to February 4, 2009        
12 Nov 2008 Michael Lemonick
Princeton University and Time Magazine
William Herschel, the First Observational Cosmologist E. Prebys Abstract PPT Video
19 Nov 2008 David Hitlin
Searching for New Physics at SuperB - The Super Flavor Factory W. Wester Abstract PPT Video
26 Nov 2008 Thanksgiving No Colloquium        
3 Dec 2008 Bruce Winstein
University of Chicago
CMB Polarization, the QUIET Experiment, and an Inside View of Gravity Wave Searches in the CMB W. Wester Abstract PPT Video
10 Dec 2008            
17 Dec 2008 Chris Holland
UC San Diego
Simulation of Fusion Plasmas P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
24 Dec 2008 Christmas Holiday No Colloquium        
31 Dec 2008 New Year's Holiday No Colloquium        
7 Jan 2009 John Sarrao
Achieving Transformational Materials Performance in a New Era of Science L. Cooley Abstract PPT Video
14 Jan 2009 Gordon Kane
Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics
Note new location: Auditorium
LHC - a "Why" Facility M. Albrow Abstract PPT Video
21 Jan 2009 Apostolos Georgopoulos
Professor of Neuroscience, Neurology and Psychiatry, University of Minnesota
Brain Mechanisms of Cognitive Processing E. Prebys Abstract    
28 Jan 2009 Nina Singhal Hinrichs
University of Chicago
Modeling Molecular Dynamics from Simulations C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PPT Video
4 Feb 2009 John A. Rogers
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Materials for Stretchable Electronics - Electronic Eyeballs, Brain Monitors and Other Applications R. Lipton Abstract PPT Video
11 Feb 2009 Sean Carroll
The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time R. Lipton Abstract PPT Video
18 Feb 2009 Christina Frederick-Recascino
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and
Doug Sweigard
Lockheed Martin Corporation
The Integrated Airport: Building a Successful NextGen Testbed D. Hooper Abstract PPT Video
25 Feb 2009 David Larbalestier
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and Florida State University
The Superconductors That Magnets Really Want: What Stands in the Way? L. Cooley Abstract   Video
4 Mar 2009 Simon Swordy
Heinrich Jaeger
University of Chicago
Current Research at the University of Chicago Enrico Fermi Institute and James Franck Institute C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PPT Video
11 Mar 2009 Sekhar Chivukula
Michigan State University
The Symmetries of QCD B. Dobrescu Abstract PDF Video
18 Mar 2009 Rajendran Raja
Accelerator Driven Nuclear Energy - The Thorium Option E. Prebys Abstract PDF Video
25 Mar 2009 Brian Uzzi
Northwestern University
Network Complexity and Human Creativity: The Case of High Impact Science T. Schwarz Abstract    
1 Apr 2009 Isabelle Grenier
CEA/Univ. Paris VII, France
The Animated Gamma-ray Sky Revealed by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope M. Albrow Abstract PDF Video
8 Apr 2009 Michael Albrow
Exciting the Vacuum: From Glueballs to Higgs W. Wester Abstract PPT Video
15 Apr 2009            
22 Apr 2009 Dan Hooper
Charged Cosmic Rays and Particle Dark Matter R. Lipton      
29 Apr 2009 Lefteri Tsoukalas
Purdue University
Inventing an Energy Internet: Concepts, Architectures and Protocols for Smart Energy Utilization P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
6 May 2009 Paul Ginsparg
Cornell University
Open Access: From Myth to Paradox C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PDF Video
13 May 2009 David G. Stork
Ricoh Innovations and Stanford University
Did Early Renaissance Masters 'Cheat' Using Optics? Computer Science, Physics, and Art History Address a Bold Theory A. Para Abstract    
20 May 2009 Ken Marken
Superconductivity Technology Center, Los Alamos
From Ions to Wires to the Grid: The Transformational Science of LANL Research in High-Tc Superconducting Tapes and Electric Power Applications L. Cooley Abstract PPT Video
27 May 2009 Tim Meyer
Being Relevant in Tough Times: TRIUMF's Five-Year Plan C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PPT Video
5 Jun 2009 Special Outreach Colloquium in the Auditorium, 12 Noon: Michael Turner
University of Chicago (Note new date, location and time)
Communicating the Excitement of Science P. Lebrun Abstract PPT Video
10 Jun 2009 In conjuction with Muon Collider Week: Andrea Latina
CLIC Project Overview T. Schwartz Abstract   Video
17 Jun 2009 Note new location: Auditorium
Arthur T. Benjamin
Harvey Mudd College
Mathemagics! (or "Secrets of Mental Math") C. Newman-Holmes Abstract    
24 Jun 2009 Kwang-Je Kim
Argonne National Laboratory
Progress and Prospects for X-ray Free Electron Lasers R. Lipton Abstract PPT Video
1 Jul 2009            
8 Jul 2009 Joseph Dwyer
Florida Institute of Technology
X-ray Emission from Thunderstorms and Lightning E. Prebys Abstract PDF Video
15 Jul 2009 In Conjunction with the Neutrino Summer School:Yossi Nir
Weizmann Institute of Science
Flavour Physics in the LHC Era B. Dobrescu Abstract PDF
22 Jul 2009 Craig Hogan
Holographic Noise in Michelson Interferometers: A Direct Experimental Probe of Unification at the Planck Scale R. Lipton Abstract PDF Video
29 Jul 2009 Yagmur Tourun Muon Colliders: The Next Frontier A. Para Abstract   Video
5 Aug 2009 David Kaplan
Johns Hopkins University
Exciting (the) Vacuum: Possible Manifestations of the Higgs particle at the LHC C. Newman-Holmes Abstract PDF Video
12 Aug 2009            
19 Aug 2009            
26 Aug 2009 Hendrik Schatz
Michigan State University
Rare Isotopes in Cosmic Explosions and Accelerators on Earth P. Lebrun Abstract   Video

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