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What is Gnutella?

Gnutella can be described as a tag-based, decentral search engine, when you like current internet lingo. A simpler description is: Gnutella is a decentral p2p network and filesharing system.

On this page you can find in depth information on its inner workings in easily readable style, which can be understood without requiring a degree in computer science or coding skills.

GnuFU: Gnutella For Users

Gnutella for Users is meant to be a users Guide to Gnutella. It contains Information on the inner workings of the Gnutella FileSharing System and Network in a way, which non-programmers such as the writer of this document can understand, while being as exact and correct as possible. It uses the well-known friend-of-a-friend analogie for this (FoF) and shows the major changes in the network since its introduction till this day.

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GnuFU: Gnutella Für Benutzer

Gnutella Für Benutzer ist als Leitfaden zu Gnutella gedacht. Es enthält Informationen über dessen Funktionsweise in einem Stil, den nicht-Programmierer wie der Autor dieses Dokuments verstehen können, während es die Sachverhalte so exakt wie möglich wiederzugeben versucht. Dafür benutzt es die bekannte Freund-eines-Freundes Analogie (FoF) und dokumentiert die teilweise drastischen Veränderungen des Netzwerks vom Zeitpunkt seiner Einführung bis heute.

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Other Gnutella Related Material

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Gnutella Specification

GnuFU now also hosts the Gnutella Specifications in a wiki:

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Using GnuFU on your site

Since this guide is licensed under the GNU FDL, you are free to use it on your website, as long as you keep the license text with it and contribute all your changes back that way.

A sample license text would be:

This work is licensed under the
GNU Free Documentation License ( ( ). 
It was originally created by Arne Babenhauserheide
( ) 
with help in proofreading by Janet and Information from the GDF (http://the-gdf-org). 
( )
It is being managed on this site by <your name, link, etc.>

If you want to use GnuFU on a commercial site, just ask me for a commercially usable licensed version, I'm very likely to say aye directly :)

Arne Babenhauserheide - wrote most of the document. It was opened to the public around the 30th of November 2003. Everything which changed since then belongs to the author of that part and shall be his or her responsibility (as far as that is possible). I'll still try to keep this structured and easy to read. If you want to make him happy, then take a look at his website (

Since German Law requries it: Impressum: Arne Babenhauserheide, Hirtenbrunnenstraße 20, 68229 Mannheim. Kontakt (