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UK in Argentina

London 07:54, 23 Jul 2012
Buenos Aires 03:54, 23 Jul 2012

Our ambassador

Ambassador John Freeman

Ambassador John Freeman

John Freeman took up post as Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Argentine Republic in June 2012.

John Freeman joined the Diplomatic Service in 1986 and has since served in a wide range of appointments in London and overseas  dealing with countries as varied as South Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Singapore, and with a wide range of international issues, including non-proliferation, international terrorism, and drugs policy. He has also covered economic and commercial issues in Posts overseas.


Full name: Mr. John Freeman

2006 – 2011
Secondment, Deputy Director-General of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, The Hague, The Netherlands.

2004 – 2006
Her Majesty’s Ambassador for Multilateral Arms Control [from 2005] and Her Majesty’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Conference on Disarmament [from 2004], Geneva.

2001 – 2004
Deputy Permanent Representative at NATO and Alternate Representative on the North Atlantic Council in Brussels.

1997 – 2001
Her Majesty’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN agencies in Vienna.

1994 – 1997
Singapore, Deputy High Commissioner and Commercial and Economic Counsellor.

Attached to the Trade Promotion division of the Department of Trade and Industry.

1991 – 1994
FCO, Deputy Head of the Eastern (later Central) European Department, and, secondly, as Head of the Security Co-ordination Department.

1989 – 1991
Senate Liaison, British Military Government in Berlin, and subsequently Head of the Political Section in the Berlin Office of the British Embassy in Germany.

1986 – 1989
FCO, Head of South Africa Section.

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