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I’m Dave. I’m a YouTuber, blogger, podcaster, radio host, and actor.

You may know me from my super fun YouTube videos, shows I’m currently on like The Aimless Agenda Show and various WordCast Network podcasts, or shows I’ve worked on in the past such as Neocast and The PPT Show. I also have written for various publications on and offline including Ars Technica.

These days I’m the founder and president at Bitwire Media, which produces of a variety of text, audio and video content on the web, radio and TV, and offers multimedia consultation and production services to other individuals and organizations.

I’m also the producer of Wealth Nation with Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides.

My official bio is right down there.

Official Bio

Dave Moyer has been in the media world since 2005 when he first started a podcast. Since then, he has worked as a broadcaster, writer and speaker all over the world.


From 2006 to 2008, Dave created, produced and hosted Neocast, a podcast related to the Neopets online game. This show ran for around two years, and gathered an audience of over 40,000 regular listeners, becoming the #1 show in that market. He worked solo and with other hosts to produce weekly episodes, in addition to special bits of information released throughout the week.

Dave also produced and hosted the Neocast Holiday Marathon for two years at this time, a live, three (year one) or four hour (year two) call-in show during the winter holiday season with a broad topic range. These included giveaways totaling in cash to around $2,000 throughout the program. The Holiday Marathon tradition is now being carried on under Bitwire Media, first in 2008 as a twelve hour show, and now as a worldwide syndicated radio show for the same amount of time.

Moyer’s expertise is, however, not limited to broadcasting. He designs and develops all the blogs for his various podcasts and sites, as well as for many others. He is well versed in WordPress, Drupal, and various other content management systems, theme design, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, and related code languages. On the WordPress side, he has worked with WordPress.com limitations, the full version of WordPress, and WordPress MU. He’s also written WordPress plugins.

He has a long resume of on-stage and on-camera acting and production, radio shows, and voice overs. He is also a writer, and has written for many different online and offline publications in addition to his personal blog, including renowned tech news blog Ars Technica. Published print works include More Than MySpace: Teens, Librarians, and Social Networking.

In addition, Dave is an active proponent of historic preservation. In 2006, he produced the Historic Colfax Podcast Series in collaboration with Historic Denver, the Colfax Marathon team, and the Library of Congress’ Teaching With Primary Sources program. This series of six podcasts was created and targeted at runners in the marathon, so they could hear about the rich history of the various sites they were running by as they participated in the 26-mile marathon.

Within a year, the podcasts received over 200,000 downloads in the state of Colorado alone, and netted tens of thousands of dollars in grants from The History Channel, Best Buy, and many other organizations for future projects. Dave continues to work actively with local students on new digital media endeavors that are constantly breaking new ground in the world of historic preservation.

As a result, Dave was one of the select few selected across the country to work alongside First Lady Laura Bush in New Orleans, Louisiana in October of that year in conjunction with the History Channel and the Preserve America initiative. He has since co-chaired three local and national summits promoting youth activism in historic preservation. Dave has spoken at the Colorado Preservation, Inc. Saving Places Conference for three consecutive years, in addition to countless others, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s National Summit in 2008.


Moyer is the founding president of Bitwire Media, a multimedia content and production services network that produces a variety of podcasts, websites, and blogs, in addition to traditional radio and TV content. In addition to managing the company, Dave is the editor-in-chief of Bitwire’s WordCast Network, host and producer of the Aimless Agenda syndicated radio show, and works on all sorts of other bits and pieces around the network. He also is the producer of Wealth Nation with John Pozadzides and Cali Lewis.

He’s an in-demand speaker, and regularly presents at all sorts of blogging, social media and tech conferences all over the country and the world.

Dave Moyer also just happens to be 18 years old.

He lives with his family in the Denver, Colorado area, taking over the entire basement to create a full recording studio facility for his podcasts, video shows, voice over, and development work. He is an accomplished broadcaster, writer and actor, and understands marketing, social media, and self-promotion. He is a gifted speaker and exceptionally entertaining voice character.

He is one of the few recipients of MIT’s Promise of the Future Award, recognizing students for outstanding work and activism in the technology world.

To request Dave as a speaker, host, or for an interview, email inquiries [at] davemoyer [dot] org.