Delta Extranet

Delta airline has a network that was designed to offer information to the Delta pass riders, employee, retirees as well as partners of the company, called Delta Extranet.  It contains a wide variety of details to help these groups of people to find out various developments of the company as well as other matters related to them.

Delta Extranet

Delta extranet has three portals for the visitors to choose from. The first portal is for the employees and retirees. These people will be provided with secure access to information and processes related to the business. This portal needs logging on because the information is not available for unauthorized users.  The visitors are informed that some of the pages they will encounter may require personal information and by choosing to proceed, they will be consenting to the transmission of such information through the internet. The DeltaNet employee portal will be monitored by the company and any violation will result to disciplinary action. All the information, software and data in the Delta Extranet are a property of the company.

The second portal is meant for non-employees, and contains information and tips for a better, faster and friendlier experience when they are travelling. The travelers will receive a number of privileges but they need to keep in mind that such type of privilege has a number of responsibilities and the must present themselves as appropriate company representatives. They also need to know a guest pass travel is only used for pleasure travel or authorized emergency purposes and therefore, it cannot be used for any business-related activities. Any pass riders who appear or behave inappropriately may be denied their boarding.

Apart from the regulation of the pass travel, the guests will be provided with information about their travel. One of the most important tips on etiquette while on pass travel. Some of these tips will cover various aspects such as the behavior of the Delta buddies, ticket usage, seating, delayed baggage as well as follow up in the flight. The Delta Extranet will also contain the processes that the guest pass will need to go through for a better experience. This includes check in from home or airport ticket counter as well as their baggage and seating. With this information, they will be able to prepare themselves well and know what to expect while using the guest pass travel.

The business partners will also have a chance to find out more information about traveling with Delta using Delta extranet portal for business partners. They will need to select the link with the name of the business partner and then Login using their user name and pass word so that they can access the information from the website.

For all employees and business users to read the fine print which will appear on the log in page. This will contain details of using Delta Extranet. They can also use the help page in case they have any problems with the operation systems, Pop-up blockers browser settings as other internet issues in order to optimize their use of the portal.


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