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T.K. Owens
U.S. Senate
The Mission The objective is very clear in this campaign, provide leadership which will enable the Volunteer state to grow positively. Energy is a great concern as we move forward into the technological age. I believe solar energy is the only place where our nation has a deficiency. The sun shines every day. I want to grow green energy by producing solar panels in Tennessee and I hope you are with me. Obama is strong on Education. He has provided the funds to bonus teachers. I want to work with legislators in order for those dollars to make it to our teacher's bank accounts. They deserve it. Won't you help me? As progress takes place, we Tennesseans should always remember agriculture is our commodity to the world. We can not allow technology to grow us out of farm land and our natural resources. Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, and streams should always remind us of purity the God intended. Are you with me? Citizens who have finished their probationary period should receive their voting rights on release. The fifteenth amendment of our Nation's Constitution states, no person shall be deprived of their right to vote due to prior condition of servitude. Will you help me? I can partner with our Nation's President to ensure a strong posture on domestic security. Our country must maintain a level of fairness when it comes to entry for leisure, work, or immigration citizenship. We can be the Nation of many and still remain equal in our allowances. I need your support! Moral issues are not issues the United States needs on the Senate Itinerary. Let's stop legislating morals in this country. Will you vote Owens, Obama in November? Won't you send me to D.C. to uphold these issues? I will be all I can be for you! Thank you, T.K. Owens



Work Experience


    News Channel Eleven


    Johnson City Schools

Communications Manager

     Bell South

Gospel Singer

    O-Zone Enterprises


Northeast State College
Public Relations

Tennessee Tech
         Music Education

East Tennessee State
        Political Science

Political Work

Press Staffer

U.S. Senator, Bill H. Frist


U.S. House 2008 (1,981 votes)


TN Senate 2010 (7,437 votes)

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T.K. Owens
P.O. Box 581
Mountain Home, TN

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