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Billa 2 review: No message behind the violence

Genre: Action | Thriller
Directed by: 
Chakri Toleti
Movie Cast: 
Ajith, Parvathy, Bruna, Sudanshu Pandey, Vidyut Jamval

Gangster films are just that. It’s a genre that has an incredible knack of remaining unobjectionable because it usually doesn’t aim at achieving much, openly promoting invincible charismatic heroes, gorgeous girls, loads of violence and bloodshed, trendy looks and styling as its characteristics, but the process of which can have a story or message of its own. Billa 2 fulfils all except the last bit which is its major weakness.

The film narrates the story of David Billa, a Sri Lankan refugee who comes to coastal Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu after the civil war breaks out in the island nation, and becomes the dreaded international don in arms smuggling.

Billa gets acquainted with brutal life in the refugee camp and raises his voice against those who ill-treat the refugees. He incurs the wrath of a policeman, Raghubir Sinha (Krishna Kumar), and is forced to go on an assignment planned with an aim to bump him off, but a brawny Billa overcomes the tricky situation.

Soon, he meets a few mafia gangs and there begins a new journey in his life. On his way up in his quest, he meets Abbasi (Sudanshu Pandey), a mafia shark in Goa. Billa helps him come out of a tangle and gets into his good books. He embarks on a trip to Georgia to meet international arms smuggler Dimitri (Vidyut Jamval) representing Abbasi.

As it happens, Abbasi fears that Billa might surpass him which results in a rift between the two. By eliminating those who put hurdles in his mission, including Abbasi and Dimitri, Billa finally arrives.

The film works to a great extent because of the sheer screen presence of a star called Ajith Kumar. After all, it is his film all the way! He pulls it off mouthing punch lines (thanks to Era Murugan) like ‘you don’t need status to be my friend, but you need one to be my enemy’. The two girls, Parvathy and Bruna, hardly create any impact in their extended cameos.

The two stylish B’town imports (villains) Sudanshu and Vidyut shine in their limited scope. Though there’s hardly any story in the first half, still it is fairly engaging. We expect something to happen in the latter part. Unfortunately, Chakri follows the same pattern of sequencing mindless violence post-interval as well and fails to establish any emotional connect.

R.D. Rajshekar’s cinematography is a visual treat. In the earlier Billa, Yuvan’s music was a talking point. Here, leave alone the lacklustre songs, even the background score is a major let-down. The film may go down well with Thala fans!

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venbas 22/07/2012 - 02:22pm

Worst possible movie from Ajit. If Mankatha showcases that corruption pays and it is cool to be corrupt in a plum govt job so that you can settle down nicely in a foreign tax haven...this movie shows that being a gangster is the next coolest thing to being inside an ice cube!!! Ajit prances with skimpily clad women, indulging in every possible crime, killing people in cold blood, even honest customs/navy officers who are discharging their duty to prevent illegal/dangerous weapons to be smuggled into the country.With India in such a pathetic and screwed up state, corruption and molesting and all vices on the rise, glorifying a gangster by a mainstream actor like Ajit is a national crime. If the director was really trying to ape hollywood, then it is ridiculous to show Ajit rising like phoenix after being shot multiple time, stabbed dozen times or more and smattered with bullets etc...and coming out with less damage than even Arnold the robot from the Terminator series. All in all an exploitation movie for crass pleasure and not worth going to the theatre or even watching online

Anbu 20/07/2012 - 08:32pm

My Thala always rocks. Once again he showed his originality. Some times the directors doing some mistakes. so the failure is not totally belongs to him. His most failure in cini field is most of sucesses for directors and producers. Always thala rocks

Veena 20/07/2012 - 07:41pm

THALA rocks as usual.This is not an ordinary tamil movie.This movie in every way can compete with hollywood standards.I agree the story isn't as expected but hats off to THALA for his part. Thala was in his peak, in the action sequences. Ajith is a person who takes lot of risks to fulfill the expectation of his fans.Proud to b his die hard fan. love u THALA,u r d best...

Aran 20/07/2012 - 03:29pm

You don't need a reason/story to become a gangster. It sometimes just happens to you. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Call it fate if you want. Many have failed to exit the 'gangster' world and the movie portrays that very well

RAM 19/07/2012 - 08:04pm

There is no competition for vijay till lathika movie....... Rite now Power star become heavy competition for him..... Paakalam who is best to give mokka film nu.....?

Faizul 16/07/2012 - 12:47pm

Yes, theres no message, but dont expect message in a movie theatre, messages are available in books and schools. its arollicking fun ride, thala is stunning in visuals. pls look at my page for true and heartfelt review

Manoj 16/07/2012 - 09:03am

Being a vijay fan i must accept though the movie lacked punch it was ajith's perfomance which took the whole film. Its good to see he has changed and back in his old acting ways. one set back was there was no story to roam on for ajith or else the move is good... If not for Ajith no one in the kollywood can do this role.. He proved that in his last venture mangatha too... from now on there is a serious competetion between vijay and Ajith which was not there in the last 5 years

K 16/07/2012 - 04:40pm

Gud joke. Vijay has to do a lot to compete with Ajith. Vijay has competition with Jayam Ravi and mahesh babu

arvind 17/07/2012 - 12:11am

ha ha. nice one.Vijays last 3 movies were hit and Nanban is the second highest box office success after Enthiran. There is Thuppakki, Yohan, a film with Ameer and then with Vijay. Now tell who has the last laugh. You can refer behindwoods itself to see who is the most powerful hero. I am not denying that Ajith is a good actor and that he has many fans. But Ajith fans would not agree and they would say things like this. That is the difference. Every Ajith fan I know is the same. Shame on you all.

Jaya 16/07/2012 - 08:35am

With due respect to ‘Thala’ whom I adore, just skip Billa 2 even if you are a diehard Ajith fan. Ultimate crap movie... no acting, no dance, no commercial elements, not even proper dialogue deliveries by ajith. Even ajith fans in theatre started whispering "Thala ipadi panitare cha mokkai da machi"

"Billa 1 was ok. Billa 2 very bad,.,.,.Its time to get retired for thala since pending from ""anchenaya"" :-)

No story & shoddier screenplay. Total waste of time.