Hey guys, a few days ago I had purchased two Nexus 7 tablets from Google and yesterday I decided to root one of them so that I can have root access to the file system, mounts and (x)bin stuff, here I will show you the steps to get your Nexus 7 rooted.


I am not responsible for any issues you have during this process or after root is a success, you must understand that rooting your device *may* void your Google warranty.


Once you have installed and setup the SDK you can continue.


There are 2 binary files in the SDK Kit that we are interested in, first is the adb binary, and the second is the fastboot binary.

The adb binary is what we use when the device is in it’s normal state, meaning that the device is powered on and you an see either the dash or the unlock screen.

When we are in the bootloader we use the fastboot binary to execute commands, adb will not be able to see the device.

Before we begin let’s connect the device up via USB, and make sure debugging mode is enabled, to enable debugging mode do the following

Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging (tick)

If the menu is greyed out you need to switch Developer Mode on using the switch in the upper right of Developer Tools.

Step 1 (Unlocking your bootloader):

In order to unlock the bootloader we first need to boot the device into the bootloader, we can do that by running the following command.

./adb reboot bootloader

once the device has restarted you should see some debug information, if you see LOCK STATE: LOCKED in red you can skip to step 2.

Go back to your SDK binaries and run the following command

./fastboot oem unlock

After a few seconds you should see a message that symbolises the process was a success

Step 2 (Flashing your recovery partition with Clockwork):

Make sure your in the BootLoader menu and your MicrosUSB cable is connected and issue the following command.

./fastboot flash recovery /path/to/clockwork_recovery.img

The file is available above in the prerequisites section, once this completes you can now reboot your device into normal mode, clockwork has been written to the recovery partition.

You should also clean the cache before you continue

./fastboot erase cache

Step 3 (Installing SuperUser):

Boot the device into regular mode so you can access the file system on your computer, you need to copy the into the root of the Nexus, do not place within any folders.

Now reboot the device into recovery mode by issuing the following command

./adb reboot recovery

Once in the clockwork recovery mode follow this path and select the

  • Install zip from sdcard.
  • Choose zip from sdcard.
  • Select

and then allow the installation to proceed, once it has completed restart the device and you should now have an application called SuperSU in your applications dash :)

To confirm that you have root you can open a shell into your Nexus 7 and try accessing some of the root folders such as config and etc

./adb shell

You have now successfully rooted your Nexus 7 Tablet


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