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Is this site really legit

  • Yes this site its 100% legit and real and in no way shape or form illegal

Will my gamertag be banned for getting the game this way

  • No, because this does not go against GFWL's Terms of Service at all if they did ban you which they wont then legal action can be taken

What are Halo 2 Vista Minimum Requirements?

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or Windows Vista
  • Computer processor: 2.0 gigahertz (GHz)
  • Memory: 1 gigabyte (GB) or random access memory (RAM)
  • Hard disk space: 7 GB of available hard disk space.
  • Video card: ATI X700 or Nvidia 6100 display adapter with 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM
  • DVD drive: 32x speed
  • Sound: Sound card, speakers, or headset
  • Supported controls: Keyboard and mouse or compatible game controller
  • Internet connection for online play: Network adapter for LAN multiplayer gameplay, Broadband Internet access for Windows Live multiplayer gameplay

Will Halo 2 Vista work on Windows 7?

  • Yes Halo 2 Vista works on Windows 7, but you may run into problems for help fixing those problems go to the help page.

Will Halo 2 Vista work on Windows XP?

  • Yes Halo 2 Vista can be modified to play "Single-Player" only on XP, but you gotta find out online yourself sorry.

Can I use my Xbox LIVE Gamertag? Can I get Achievements/Gamerscore that count toward my Xbox LIVE Gamertag's Achievements/Gamerscore?

  • Yes. Just enter your Gamertag/email/password when prompted to log into LIVE.

Does Halo 2 Vista work with Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit?

  • Yes and no. Some people have issues, some people run the game fine. The only way to know is to try yourself.

Can I play the game on Windows XP?

  • You can play single-player using a couple of modded files. Look for them. It's completely impossible to play multiplayer on XP, though. There's a reason it says "Requires Windows Vista" on the box. Even if it's not a good one, it's still a reason.

Can I use my Xbox LIVE Gamertag? Can I get Achievements/Gamerscore that count toward my Xbox LIVE Gamertag's Achievements/Gamerscore?

  • Yes. Just enter your Gamertag/email/password when prompted to log into LIVE.

Will the game work on my computer/laptop?

  • If you have to ask this question, the answer is most likely a no. The minimum system requirements can be found here. Read that and compare it to your system's specs.

My laptop has a Nvidia GT 540M graphics and I can't run the game.

  • Known issue. H2V's coding completely disregards this graphics chip and assumes you're running integrated graphics. I've only heard one person manage to get it to work with a 540M; The rest never got it working. If a definite solution is discovered, it'll be posted here.

I tried to update Live, but it just keeps updating and then restarting, or it never updates at all.

Can I use my wired Xbox 360 controller with Halo 2 Vista?

  • Yes. The full functionality of the Xbox controller is there if you use the wired Xbox 360 controller.

Can I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller?

  • Yes, with all of its functionality, but you'll need a wireless adapter for your PC. Here's what you're looking for. This will allow you to connect up to four wireless Xbox 360 controllers to your PC.

Can I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller with a charge pack if I plug the charge pack into my PC's USB drive?

  • No. The wireless controller still relies on wireless communication to relay input. The charge pack only juices up the battery. You still need a wireless receiver.

What about another controller that's not an Xbox 360 controller?

  • That becomes a little more tricky. You lose the aim assist, and you also have to configure it manually.

When I try to play multiplayer, no games show up on this list.

  • Leave the game running for about 10 minutes. Screw around in a game by yourself, play some single-player, whatever. It might work after that. This was presumed fixed before, but recent updates to GfWL may have brought this problem back.

My mouse doesn't feel like it usually does with PC games.

  • Try limiting the framerate using an external program or your video card driver's control panel. That works for some people.

This game runs really slow, but I run very recent hardware and play games that are way more demanding than Halo 2 should be! What am I doing wrong?

  • Nothing. Halo 2 Vista is extremely unoptimized. There's not really any way to fix that.

Can I run the game on a Mac?

  • Yes. Dual-booting, Bootcamp, or emulation should work. The former two are more likely to work than emulation.

Can I use my Halo 2 Vista CD key for the Halo 2 nameplate in Halo Reach?

  • No. Playing H2V will not unlock that nameplate. You have to have played the Xbox version of Halo 2 before LIVE was shut down for old Xbox games in order to get that nameplate. That's the only way.

How do I install downloaded maps?

  • Extract/unzip the maps from the zip file you downloaded, and place the files into C:\Users\<your User name for Windows>\Documents\My Games\Halo 2\Maps.

I tried to install the game for the 6th time, but got a "CD key usage exceeded" error! What gives?

  • You can only install the game using a single CD key 5 separate times. After that, the key becomes unusable.

Why can't anybody join my games?

  • Port forwarding must be enabled on the TCP port 80, UDP and TCP port 3074, UDP port 88, UDP and TCP port 53 and TCP port 443 on your router and/or firewall. If you don't know how, Google "port forwarding".

Are the button combos (BXR, BXB, ect) still in the game?

  • Technically yes, though some people have been claiming they're harder to do.

Does the game have co-op?

  • No. Not in without the use of mods/hacks.

Does the game have an anti-cheat system?

  • Nope.

Can I manage my dedicated server from inside the game?

  • Nope.

How is the population for Halo 2 Vista?

  • Small. As of late 2008, the player count has never broken 100 at any given time.

Does voice chat work?

  • No. The most recent update for GFWL broke it. Don't hold your breath for a fix.



What is MF.dll

Details on MF.dll and its legality.
The MF.dll file you all are referring to is a 4kb file instead of the mf.dll file which is 32kb. Basically what it does is bypass the Halo 2 Vista activation. How halo 2 vista's activation process works is when you install the game you get the option to activate now, or activate later. Well if you hit activate now you have to enter in the LIVE Key*. After you enter the LIVE Key it'll say activated and continue installation then when you open Halo 2 after installation you will be able to play on LIVE.
*LIVE Key refers to the key that Halo 2 Vista originally came with (or any other key that was made specifically for Halo 2 Vista)*

After a few short months of the initial launch of Games for Windows LIVE or (GFWL), there was a glitch in their LIVE Activation process where individuals discovered that any GFWL Key could be used to activate any GFWL game. This in turn made GFWL change how Key activation worked for future title releases LIVE but did not change existing released titles.
Now because of this "glitch" when a player used up their original Halo 2 Vista Key (after 10 activations) they would need a new LIVE Key.

Now you could simply purchase the game again, contact GFWL or Microsoft and renew or get a new one, or use a LIVE key from another game (that used the old activation method). If the user received a new one from Microsoft or GFWL, or used a LIVE key from another game they would soon learn a new glitch. That glitch was when you installed Halo 2 Vista and entered the new LIVE key it didn't activate so you would hit activate later, but then you would realize when you entered the LIVE key later on when you signed into GFWL in Halo 2, it would work but the LIVE and NETWORK options in Halo 2 would still be disabled. However if you used the original key (inside the box) to activate the game in installation the two options won't be grayed out but you would still need to enter a LIVE key when you sign in because the other one has been used up.

The reason for that is because the LIVE Key does indeed active your computer to play LIVE on this title but it doesn't activate the title to be used to play on LIVE. Why? Because the other LIVE key was made for a different game, or was just generated to connect to LIVE and not specifically to activate the title to use LIVE.

This is where the MF.dll file comes into play. What it did was if placed inside the Halo 2 Vista root installation folder, it would "activate" the game title be able to use the LIVE and NETWORK functions within the game. Not necessarily active the user to play on LIVE.
So it's not really an activation bypass because it doesn't allow the player to play on LIVE. It instead activates the disabled LIVE and NETWORK options within the game itself so when a LIVE key is entered they player can use the LIVE features within the game.

Now how the MF.dll came to be in public is somewhat of a mystery but many claim that it came shipped on the original copy of Halo 2 Vista before it was recalled and reshipped.
And that's what the file does and how it comes into play. Hope this will help people understand.

Reason why in game voice chat is broken in Halo 2 Vista.

Reason why in game voice chat is broken in Halo 2 Vista. Because of the Games for Windows Update released on November 15th 2010 it changed the voice codec. And unfortunately destroyed the in game chat system in Halo 2 Vista because it was made before the xbox 360. No patch was ever made because Microsoft dropped support for Halo 2 Vista back in October of 2007.

We are pleased to inform the community that along with the launch of the new Games for Windows Marketplace, we will also publish an update to the Games for Windows – LIVE service on Nov 15th.  The update contains various bug fixes, including improvements around auto sign-in and protections to help prevent users from activating game keys within non-LIVE supported accounts. Major improvements or new features to the product are outlined below. Users can obtain this update by logging-in to their LIVE account through a Games for Windows – LIVE enabled game and accepting the system update or by downloading the update through our website at launch.
Voice Codec Upgrade

  • New higher quality voice codec used for in-game chat, private chat, and voice messages to align with the Xbox 360
  • All GFWL enabled games will get this upgrade and use the new codec including PC->PC in-game chat, messages, and private chat
  • Known Issue:  Because previously released Xbox 360 games do not use the new codec automatically, in-game chat with previously release cross-platform games will not work. Titles affected are Shadowrun, Universe at War, Lost Plant: Colonies Edition, and Blazeblue.  GFWL players will hear nothing if Xbox player talks, Xbox players will hear static if PC player talks while in those games.  Fixing this issue requires Title Updates for the Xbox 360 versions of the affected titles. Publishers can choose to issue these at their discretion.