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New head physio Tim Williamson
New head physiotherapist Tim Williamson is settling into life at Blues and is relishing being part of a team aiming to make a return to the Premier League.

The 38-year-old joins Blues after six years as head physio at Celtic and has also worked for Tottenham and Leeds.

Williamson's appointment sees another part of the backroom team jigsaw come together, but he's not the only new face at Wast Hills.

He will be assisted by Peter Shaw, formerly a physio with Norwich City, and sports scientist Benjamin Rosenblatt has also joined Blues.

Williamson said: "There is a great opportunity here and I'm very excited.

"There's a chance to get promotion and we're all going to pull together with that aim.

"I had great years at Celtic and it was a wonderful grounding, working at a club full of internationals.

"But now I'm employed by Blues and I'm as determined as anyone else behind the scenes at the club to push for an immediate return to the Premier League."

That is a sentiment echoed by 23-year-old former Arsenal school boy Rosenblatt, who chose to come to Blues despite an opportunity to go to the Beijing Olympics with his former employers the British Olympic Association.

He added: "I'm delighted to be here and am really looking forward to what everyone hopes is going to be a really successful season for Blues."

Alex McLeish
Blues boss Alex McLeish believes these appointments will be crucial  in helping the first team achieve success.

"I wanted to bring in somebody that is the calibre and quality of Neil McDiarmid (the former head phusio)," said the Blues boss.

"Some people say that 'a physio is just a physio,' but that's not the case.

"They need people skills, they need to get on with the players and the players need to trust them because players confide in them as well.

"Of course they also need to keep players fit and get them back to fitness as soon as possible. 

"I would prefer players that turn up for their work every week without going on the treatment table.

"If they're training every day and playing every week the physio's and fitness coaches will be doing their job."

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