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MAGnet MAnifest (.magma) Simple List Format
by Arne Babenhauserheide ( - )
License: GPLv2 or later. 

MAGMA files are a way to transport Magnet-lists and additional 
in a human-readable way. 

(1) Magma files are a line-oriented text format consisting of a header 
followed by any number of comments and topics. 
It is based off YAML and will likely be extended in the future to be 
able to 
contain more information. This is the first draft and specifies how a 
parser can extract Magnets from a Magma-File. 

(2) Any line in which the first non-whitespace character is '#' is a 
through to the end of the line. When a '#' appears somewhere in a line, 
line is a comment from the '#' through to the end of the line. For 

# this is a comment

(3) Lines consisting solely of whitespace are ignored. 

(4) A line which begins with "list:" starts a list of topics, which 
till another line starts with any character but a whitespace. 
A line starting with a "#" may be ignored for this purpose (We don't 
want a 
thoughtlessly placed comment to break the list too early). 

(5) Any line in that list beginning with " - " (space-hyphen-space) is 
considered the start of a topic. 

(6) A topic continues till any line begins with less than two spaces 
followed by 
any other character. A new topic begins as described in (5). 

(7) If the topic begins with a magnet-link, that magnet-link must be 
by double-quotes. The magnet must be the first element of the topic, 
which means, it should be in the first or second line. 
Inside these double-quotes any whitespace is ignored. 
Also any 
linebreak which is followed by at least three spaces is ignored. 

(8) A topic may contain any URI and any number of additional objects. 
should ignore every line beginning with an object-nominator they don't 
understand. Any line beginning with two spaces and any character but a 
"-" or a 
"#" is considered the beginning of an object. More on objects in (10). 
Any line 
beginning with two spaces and a "#" is a comment inside the topic. 

If the topic contains a magnet URI, the various magnet attributes have 
usual meanings.

Note that this means the following two lines have an identical meaning 
inside a 
magma file -- each specifies a single exact topic:

 - urn:sha1:BLAH
 - "magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:BLAH" 

(9) Any line inside the double quotation beginning with three or more 
whitespaces, where the first non-whitespace character is not a '#', is 
considered a continuation of the previous topic line and should be 
appended with 
no intervening whitespace. For example:

 - "magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:BLAH
   &dn=magnacarta.jpg" equivalent to...

 - "magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:BLAH&dn=magnacarta.jpg"

(10) Additinal file information can be given as objects in the format 
"nominator:information", where the nominator must be preceded by two 
spaces and 
must be in a new line. Any whitespaces directly following the colon can 
ignored (as they will most probable be placed for greater readability). 

For example this would be a topic which named the hash, download name 
and an 
alternate location without the use of a magnet-link. Watch the second 
line being 
indented by two spaces, one more than the "-": 

 - urn:sha1:BLAH

This should be expanded into the following magnet-link to pass it on to 
aware programs: 


(11) The first line should begin "#MAGMA" and a Version number. In this 
"#MAGMAv0.2". This can be ignored by simpleminded parsers as a comment, 
but is 
also a hint/"magic number" to help indicate the file's type in 
situations where 
the manifest may have been acquired solely by a typeless urn:sha1: 
identifier. The rest of the first line must not be used as a regular 
(See #12.)

(12) The first line may include an optional "virtual magnet URI" 
describing the 
manifest itself. In such a magnet URI, the 'mt' may be set to '.' to 
For example:

#MAGMAv0.2 magnet:?mt=.&dn=My%20First%20Manifest

This first line cannot make use of the continuation facility described 
in (5).

(13) Another, more extensible Magnet Manifest format will be defined in 
future. The specs for this Version of the Magnet Manifest (0.2) will 
compatible at least till v0.4 and also after that magnnets should be 
from MAGMA-files using the sheme described in here. 


You might come across a magnet URI like either of the following:




By either finding a file with the exact matching SHA1 (in the first 
case), or by 
fetching the given HTTP URL (in the second case), you might wind up 
with the 
following file:


# these are the documents created for GnuFU: Gnutella For Users, 
# a simple guide to Gnutella and recent changes in the Gnutella-network
# written in userfriendly style. 

 - "magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:7BHEGP445NVQUNSDFHOK5FFC3P65HANG
 - "magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:GK6T2LZV2IPAY57XWQTCQLWWGEGPJ6SG

 - "magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:3QL5VEGHQZWNP34NCLZVSIZF3HK4P5VZ

 - "magnet:?xt=urn:sha1:2A5ERFKC3EBAUTRQSIYZY5GABB6MYMXF

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