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Vital Records Statutes and Regulations

Below is a centralized resource with vital statistics statutes and regulations collected from the jurisdictions.  If you do not see your jurisdiction's information listed here, please email that to us.  If you have your statutes online, we would appreciate a link to their location, or if you have them in Word or PDF format, we can accept them as an email attachment.

Alabama Vital Statistics Laws | Regulations

Alaska Statutes | Regulations

American Samoa

Arizona Rules and Definitions

Arkansas Vital Records Laws  Laws cont'd | Rules and Regulations

California Laws

Colorado Statutes

Connecticut Regulations

Delaware Administrative Code | Regulations

District of Columbia Laws

Florida Online

Georgia Online  (Vital Records Ch. 10)


Hawaii Online

Idaho Statutes

Illinois Statutes 

Indiana Laws

Iowa Online

Kansas Statutes

Kentucky Online

Louisiana Statutes


Maryland Statutes | Regulations


Michigan Laws | Rules

Minnesota Statutes


Missouri Rules

Montana Laws


Nevada Statutes

New Hampshire

New Jersey Statutes 

New Mexico Statutes | Regulations

New York Laws

New York City Article I | Article II | Article III

North Carolina Statutes

North Dakota Laws

Northern Marianas 

Ohio Laws

Oklahoma Online (VR: OS 63 1-301  -  1-334, Adoption: OS 10 83, 7501-1.2 -7510-3.2, Uniform Parentage Act OS 10 7700-101  - 7700-902, Marriage: OS 42 1-20, Chiropractors: OS 59 161.15)

Oregon Statutes

Pennsylvania Statutes | Regulations

Puerto Rico

Rhode Island Statutes | Regulations

South Carolina Statutes

South Dakota Statutes | Rules

Tennessee Statutes

Texas Statutes

Utah Statutes

Vermont Statutes (Chapters 101 - 107)

Virgin Islands Online

Virginia Statutes | Regulations

Washington Online | Online cont'd | Online cont'd 

West Virginia Laws | Rules

Wisconsin Statutes (Chapter 69)

Wyoming Laws