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Greatest Hologram on Earth

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Updated 30 July 2012

About HoloWorld:
HoloWorld went online in 1994. Today, it is referenced by many web pages and in-print publications. It was created by American holographer Frank DeFreitas (bio). Enthusiasts from around the world continue to make the pilgrimage to his private home studio and historical reference library, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. If you need to learn about holograms, you have come to the right place: how-to articles, podcasts, galleries, history, videos, and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your browsing. If you like what you see, please share HoloWorld with others.

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The Greatest Hologram on Earth?

Hologram Bible

Hologram Bible
The DeFreitas Hologram Bible The Hologram Bible
Could this be the 'Greatest Hologram on Earth'? You are not likely to read about it in popular magazines, nor see it on national news. Visit this single web page that keeps growing world-wide every day. Must See! Read more ...

Worldwide Hologram Bible Visitors:
Algeria; Argentina; Australia; Austria; Bangladesh; Belgium; Bolivia; Bosnia; Botswana; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Costa Rica; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; El Salvador; Egypt; France; Germany; Ghana; Greece; Guadeloupe; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Iran; Iraq; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Latvia; Lebanon; Lithuania; Malaysia; Malta; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Nigeria; Norway; Pakistan; Peru; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Romania; Russia; Rwanda; Saudi Arabia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovania; Singapore; South Africa; South Korea; Sudan; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand; Tunisia; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkey; Ukraine; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States (46 States); Vietnam Read More...

Frank DeFreitas About Your Host: Frank DeFreitas
You wouldn't go into a strangers house, would you? I didn't think so! Before you begin your visit here at HoloWorld, take a few minutes to learn about your host (me), and my 30 years of award-winning laser and holography educational service.

Holography for Kids Holography for Kids
This is the original online laser and hologram science learning page for students. Students are the future of this emerging technology. Written for late- elementary, middle, and home school students. Take (and pass) the online quiz, and print out your HoloKids certificate.

Holography @ Saturn Holography on Saturn
Only one holographer on Earth has his name on another heavenly body: Titan, the great moon of planet Saturn. It says: "Frank DeFreitas. I create three dimensional laser holograms on Earth" Here is the story.

Holography Workshops Holography Workshops & Suitcase Programs
Take a hologram class at my studio in Allentown, Pennsylvania, -- OR -- have a suitcase program on holography at your location. Learn from the author of the world's #1 holography book. Updated programs for 2012.

Holography History History of Holography Room
My holography history memorabilia room is located in my Allentown, Pennsylvania home. You can view laser holograms, various 3D technologies, and enjoy a room filled with historical 3D memorabilia going back to the mid- 19th century. Visits by appointment. Call @ 610-770-0341.

Edmund Scientific Memories Memories of Edmund Scientific Co.
Share my memories of the once-great Edmund Scientific factory store in Barrington, New Jersey. In 2012, I will be adding photos of all of my Edmund memorabilia, going back to the 1960's. Includes info. on their famous Light Show Theater. Enjoy!

hologram of the moon Nintendo 3DS Voyage to the Moon
Blue Ribbon Winner, New York Hall of Science, 2011.
I have just produced a fantastic 3D voyage to the moon for all ages. It is an MPO photo file download for the Nintendo 3DS, Fuji Real 3D, SONY PS 3D, and Sprint EVO 3D phones. Featured in 3D Focus magazine on December 2011. Download it Now!

How to Make a Hologram How To Make A Hologram
Want to know how to make a hologram? Step into my laser lab and see how it is done, with step-by-step DIY photos. All of it possible in your own home or school. You can print out this page for reports and homework.

Holographic Light Art My Holographic Light Art
Abstract art created by passing light through holographic optics and quartz crystals known as Cape May Diamonds. Shapes, colors and patterns never before seen are revealed, after being encoded in the crystals since their creation. Includes my holographic light art gallery.

Christian 3D History of Christian 3D
From the earliest glass stereoscopic photos, to the most advanced laser holograms, this collection specializes in the history of three dimensional technologies in Biblical / Christian imagery. Very unique.

DIY Stereoscope Make Your Own Stereoscope
Did you know that you can make your own 3D stereoscope? I assembled and hand-finished this DIY (kit) stereoscope, and had a lot of fun doing it. Here are a few photos showing the project from beginning to completion.

What are Lasers Used For? What Are Lasers Used For?
Perfect for reports and homework, this web page gives students of all ages a printable list of what lasers are used for today. Laser technology is all around us in our everyday living. Find out just how much this is true.

3D Gallery 3D Gallery (3D glasses needed)
I also enjoy vintage 3D stereo photography. Here is a gallery of 3D photography converted into anaglyphs. You will need red / cyan 3D glasses in order to see these photos in the third dimension.

Antiquarian Holographica History of Holography Collection
My Antiquarian Holographica collection contains over 20,000+ historical items related to the fields of light, optics, lasers, holography and stereo photography. It is truly a living history of holography. This is a blog that features selections from the collection. Enjoy 600+ posts.

Why Study Holography? Why Study Holography?
Holograms are the ultimate in the combination of art, science and technology. But why should you learn about them? What can a 3D hologram teach us that other visual methods cannot? This printable article explains.

Xograph Lenticular Holograms Making Parallax Stereogram Holograms
This project proposes to create 3D laser holograms from 1903 Ives' parallax stereogram, autostereoscopic barrier, and xograph / lenticular techniques, thereby eliminating H1 master holograms entirely, including portraits made from pulsed lasers.

Collecting Holograms Collecting Holograms
The ultimate (and original) guide to laser and holography collectibles. Covers everything from holograms to advertising to posters and post cards (and more). For nearly twenty-five years, this guide continues to be an inspiration for people all over the world to begin their own collections.

Holographic Brain, Mind, Universe Holographic Brain, Mind, Universe
My published article on holographic principles and coherent thought. I keep it updated, current and revised online. From the Holo-Gram newsletter, and the Laser Arts Society journal (long before the Internet).

Laser Pointer Holography Making Holograms with Laser Pointers
Diode laser holography didn't begin in a professional laboratory, it began in three basement labs. Here are the original notes from start to finish. Includes the world's first hologram created using a solar powered laser.

Holography FAQ Holography Questions and Answers
You have laser and holography questions; I have laser and holography answers: the HoloWorld holography FAQ is located here.

HoloTalk Online Radio Show Holography Internet Radio Show
"HoloTalk" began broadcasting online in 1997 (!) with its now-famous mix of interviews and topical discussions, the show features host Frank DeFreitas and guests from around the world. For nearly fifteen years, listeners made "HoloTalk" a part of their online routine. Over 100 shows are now available in the MP3 archive.

Top Ten Hologram Tips My Top Ten Hologram Tips (PDF)
If you've just started making holograms at home or school, you may want to download my list of top ten tips. Written as a supplement to the 2011 Make Magazine article on holography, but valuable for every beginner. PDF file.

Holography Video Watch Holography Videos
Enjoy my holography and 3D-related videos at YouTube. You will be able to see how to build your own holography table, watch a short history of holography, view many different types of holograms, and the projects that made them.

Make Your Own Hologram Make Your Own Holograms: The Book
Imagine seeing a 3-dimensional hologram appear right before your eyes, and YOU made the hologram yourself! The top selling holography book world-wide . . . for students, amateurs and hobbyists of all ages. Developed by Frank DeFreitas. Endorsed by the Education Outreach Dept. of MIT. Great for science projects at home or at school.

Holography E-Zine Holography E-Zine
Download a back issue of HoloWorld: The E-Zine of Popular Holography. Each issue contained news & information, tips & tricks, history, reviews, net treks, and more.

Civil War Holography Project The Civil War Holography Project
See this exciting Civil War holography project with students of Englewood High School in Jacksonville, Florida. Priceless treasures have been at the bottom of the St. Johns river since 1864. These historical artifacts are now recorded as holograms. Includes PBS video.

Careers in Lasers, Optics & Photonics Careers in Lasers, Optics & Photonics
Now that you've begun to explore the world of lasers & photonics, you may be wondering if this could fit in with your future career planning. Absolutely! In this section, I'll give you some information on things to consider when you're exploring careers in general. I'll also share some Internet resources that can guide you in your search for careers in the field of lasers and photonics.

Holography Exhibits Holography Exhibits
If you are a small to medium-sized museum, gallery, school, corporation or other venue, and you would like to host an exhibit of holograms from around the world, you'll find a great opportunity here.

Online Hologram Exhibit Online Hologram Exhibit
20 Years / 20 Holograms: A selection of 20 holograms representing my first 20 years at my holography studio / lab in Allentown, Pa: 1983-2003. Audio files accompany each hologram exhibited.

DIY Hologram Portraits How to Create Your Own Hologram Portraits
An in-process, step-by-step guide for amateurs and hobbyists for creating your own hand-made DIY portraits and stereograms.

Holotalk Espanol HoloTalk Espanol: Difusion especial -- Lasers Y Holografia
La audiencia del show aprendera acerca los ultimos desarrollos en la tecnologia del laser y sus multiples aplicaciones en carreras como medicina, communicaciones, y las ciencias y artes. Con su presentador Frank DeFreitas. Traduccion del Ingles al espanol por Mario Andres Munoz.

Links The Holography Link Page
Links to other sites about lasers and holograms on the Net.

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Awards that HoloWorld has won and comments from visitors.

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Join the HoloWorld Email list and receive updates on laser and holography activities.

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Contact information for email, postal mail, phone and e-zine.

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