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The DGSweeper, or dungeonsweeper, is designed with one purpose: to make dungeoneering easier and more enjoyable for all players! Its functions range from automatically capturing and displaying your dungeon map, to finding the required levels for potion doors, and everything in between. Whether you're a dungoneering expert or someone just starting out in this unique skill, the DGSweeper is sure to help you reach your dungeoneering goals!

Inspired by the great dungeoneering clan, DGS, maintained by XP-Waste, and hosted by Tip.It, DGSweeper is by far the ultimate dungeoneering utility!

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DGSweeper's advanced built-in features, helpful tools, and lightning speed set the program apart from other similar utilities and websites. Almost anything related to Dungeoneering can be done through the DGSweeper. The best part: it works with any RuneScape client!


The key utility is a great tool for both novice and advanced dungeoneers. It reduces the concentration needed to remember keys and door locations, allowing players to focus on more important aspects of the dungeon.

This feature's main purpose is for marking keys on the map. If you have trouble remembering which doors are in which location, simply select the key on the key utility and place it by clicking on its corresponding door on the map! To remove a placed key, simply right-click it.

Included in the key utility is the key belt. Located directly beneath the colors, it'll display any key you need to remember. To add a key to the list, right-click its icon on the key utility. To remove it from the list, either click or right-click it on the key belt!

If disabled, the map will be click-through!


DGConnect is a built-in feature which is included in the DGSweeper. It requires no extra download! Its function is to bring dungeoneers closer together and improve the aspect of teamwork.

Imagine being able to add keys to your party members' maps. Now, imagine that every time a party member opened and captured their map, your map was also updated! Imagine that they could add key icons to your screen! There is no need to imagine; with DGConnect, it's all possible!

This feature lets you share your map with your fellow party members. Not only does it share placed keys between players, it also shares the map itself! Within seconds, you will always know the whereabouts of your team, know which doors require which keys, and have a freshly updated map!

The DGSweeper, coupled with the DGConnect, truly makes dungeoneering easier, faster, and more enjoyable then ever before!

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DGSweeper has a set of built in hotkeys to save you valuable time dungeoneering. While these will become customizable in the near future, the default values can be seen below.

Hotkey Action
Ctrl-K Toggle key
Ctrl-L Toggle legend
Ctrl-M Toggle map
Ctrl-T Toggle timer
Ctrl-Up/Down Toggle size
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Tray Menu

The tray menu is a very important part of the DGSweeper. It is where almost all of its settings can be changed or edited. If an update is available, you will be able to access it from the tray menu. If the map is too big, change it through the tray menu. Need help, or a feature malfunctioning? Get help from the tray menu!

Tray Menu
  • DGConnect
      Open the DGConnect interface.
  • Current Version
      View the current version and, if available, perform an update.
  • View
      Open the working directory, view saved maps, and change the path which maps are saved.
  • Position
      Set the position mode. If set to absolute, the DGSweeper can be clicked and dragged. If relative, it positions relative to the RuneScape applet.
  • Show
      Toggle the display of various features.
  • Reset
      Reset various feature to start-up state.
  • Size
      Set the size of the DGSweeper map to 100% or 75%.
  • Transparency
      Set the transparency of the DGSweeper map to 100%, 75%, or 50%.
  • Help
      Open a webpage to get help, report bugs, or suggest ideas.
  • Reload
      Reload the DGSweeper.
  • Exit
      Exit the DGSweeper process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get hacked using DGSweeper?
    In short, no! Everything regarding the DGSweeper is safe and secure. DGSweeper does not record any of your information, nor is it a keylogger. If you are still uneasy, you can view the VirusTotal scan results found here. This scan will be up to date with each DGSweeper update. You can also scan it with VirusTotal before executing it, to be completely sure of its safety.
  • Is DGSweeper legal?
    Of course! DGSweeper abides by each of the rules and guidelines set by Jagex as to what a 3rd party program can contain and do. You can see these here.
  • Is DGConnect safe?
    Yes! In no way can any player, stranger of friend, retrieve any of your information through DGConnect. You never actually connect to each other; Tip.It's servers act as middle-man: you simply connect to it.
  • What clients does DGSweeper support?
    DGSweeper is usable in any browser and any client, from SwiftKit, to Google Chrome, to Jagex's very own; it works with them all!
  • How do I update DGSweeper?
    If an update is available, you will be notified when the DGSweeper launches. When one is available, you can update by right clicking the tray icon and selecting the version. It is always recommended that you update as soon as one is available because the resources may have changed, features may have been added, or bugs may have been fixed.
  • Is there a version for Mac users?
    Not currently, but that's not to say there won't be in the future!
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Feedback & Troubleshooting

If you have any questions not covered in the FAQ, or if you are having difficulty running the program, feel free to ask your questions in the DGSweeper board and it'll be sorted quickly!

Additionally, if you can think of a feature that the DGSweeper lacks, or possibly an upgrade to a preexisting feature, feel free to post suggestions in the DGSweeper board! This utility was designed around the ideas of the users, and it would not be where it is today without the valuable input, support, and ideas of the community.


Developed by: Stev Peifer

Special thanks to: DGS, www.XP-Waste.com

Thanks to: 0bat, 4nr, Andd, Andy, Ashlye, Ben, Bladekill133, Downed, DyingSilent, ForsakenMage, Funaust, Ghrim, Grimy Bunyip, iBe, Invid, Ish, Jagerblue, Jeremy841, Kelly, King of DGS, Kun, Lose No Hope, Meredith, Neal, Obtaurian, Pfohlol, PopeDevourer, Ren, Rick, Rizhou, Slzr, Squakus, Thai Guy, Tui, WTC117

Last updated by: Stev

Last updated on: 17-Jul-2012


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