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Whats up It’s Diggity from MTV’S Pimp My Ride And Discovery Channel’s BattleGround Earth.

Over the last 10 years I have been pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.. I have come a long way since then. I was signed to Arista records in 1996 and then to Warner Brothers records in 1998. Both deals were very instrumental in bringing me to the point where I am today. My recording project is called The Dead Boys Club, and I just recorded a full record that I am very proud of. I also shot a new show called BattleGround Earth with Tommy Lee and Ludacris. The show was shot in 8 cities and is one of the largest budgeted reality shows ever made. The show which aired on the Discovery channels new network Planet Green and on TLC was a smash hit. The show was about saving the planet. Think Survivor meets The Apprentice gone green with a thrashing of rock and rap. This was over the top, nothing like it on television. I am also a cast member on the hit MTV show Pimp My Ride. The show which is one of the networks highest rated programs can be scene in over 60 different countries and is viewed by almost 40 million people a week. Dave Aragon – I also have my own hair product out which comes in a syringe. In 2007 I launched a clothing design company which to date has been hired by Galpin Auto Sports and a company in Indiana called Made to be the designer for their clothing lines. I also signed a deal with one of the sickest clothing company’s out there called Toxic Waste Clothing. My line. Which is called Anti Body Clothing in selective stores nation wide? To get my art work and paintings out there I have started a company called Parade Of Hooligans Inc. You can see many of my shirts and paintings right here on my Facebook page. I also started a new production company called Crash Element Entertainment with a very good friend of mine in the television industry. We have developed 16 original reality and some scripted shows that we are shopping to the major networks. Dare Devilution is a new explosive reality show that I created, executive produced and directed. The sizzle reel can be seen right here on my Facebook page also. Stay tuned for my newest Dave Aragon show that I created and directed and I’m also hosting called The Autoholics. We are shooting a full length movie that I wrote and that I’m directing and staring in called The Suffocator of Sins which is a very sick and dark twist of the Batman movies. This thing is gonna be so unreal and the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my career. Allot is happening and to all those who support me, thank you. The future is wide open and I’m coming through like a pretty young assassin… To purchase my clothing or my paintings please contact me here ->Dave Aragon

Dave Aragon