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Macedonia faces 'giant' breast problem

Macedonian women are wondering what it is about their make-up that has brought about two extraordinary cases of massively overgrown breasts in recent weeks.

Both woman had to have emergency breast-reduction surgery after their breasts became so large following pregnancy that they could no longer live normal lives.

The first, Afrodita K., began to panic as her breasts reached a massive 34ZZZ bra-size after falling pregnant and persuaded doctors to cut them off because she was in unbearable pain.

The 29-year-old from the village of Dobri Dol close to Gostivar in western Macedonia said: "I always knew my breasts would grow after I found out I was pregnant, but in my case they just carried on growing.

"I couldn't sleep properly, eventually I just had to lay down all the time. I had to make my own bra by tying a blanket around myself."

After seeing the incredible pain she was in doctors and hospital in the capital Skopje agreed to remove her breasts which by then weighed 33 kilograms, in a seven-hour operation.

Doctor Borce Antevski said: "Cases like this are extremely rare but it does happen."

The 29-year-old from the western village of Dobri Dol close to Gostivar escaped from media.

''People were portraying me as a monster with those big boobs. But I simply do not to talk much about it after getting them cut off,'' Afrodita revealed.

''I find those people stupid, but still do not want to appear much in the media. After all I'm very happy to have my seven kids including the five-year-old son Lavrdim that I've given a birth to right when having problems with my huge boobs'', she added.

Even with the boobs cut off, she last year gave birth to her seventh child, a healthy daughter Lindita.

Afrodita was a bright student of philosophy at Skopje university but had to give up her studies to look after her children.

''I needed to leave university to take care about the kids, but I do not regret at all,'' said the woman from Dobri Dol.

But she is not the only woman in the country with overgrown breasts. 30-year-old Libas Y. from the remote mountain village of Peta in eastern Macedonia has a similar problem.

Surgery was needed after her breasts suddenly grew to enormous proportions and she became unable to walk or even sit down properly. Her breasts, which tipped the scales at an eye-watering 30 kilograms (four stone), were 20 times what they were before pregnancy.

There are not even phone lines in the village, but that didn’t stop the rest of the country finding out about a two-time mother of twins and her 30kg boobs. Libas Y., who comes from a conservative Turkish ethnic minority, did not wish to speak to the media.

Doctor Borce Antevski also operated on her after she gave birth to her second twins in September. She had similar problems when giving a birth to her first twins and doctors warned her about the danger of getting pregnant again, but she became pregnant again despite doctor's expert opinion.

She too underwent breast reduction surgery in Skopje last week and later gave birth to twins

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