Crowd Check

The Crowdfunding Due Diligence Company

We're here to help entrepreneurs seeking crowdfunding and people interested in making crowdfunding investments.

The most important way we'll do this is by doing “due diligence.” It’s the technical term for kicking the tires before you make an investment. Making sure that the company exists, that the managers are who they say they are and that they are operating their business the way they say they are.

Hedge funds have armies of lawyers who do this for them. Crowdfunding investors?  They have us. We do the due diligence that we’d do if we were investing our own money, or looking after our own grandmothers’ investments.  We go beyond the minimum checks that the law requires.  If the project checks out, we post details on this site.

Being checked by us helps entrepreneurs prove that they are legit, which makes it more likely that their companies will get funded. The "crowdfunding portals," the websites on which crowdfunding companies are listed, can also use us to check out the companies they list on their portals.

Does this mean that a project we’ve checked out is going to be a great investment? Nope, sure doesn’t.

Early stage investing can be very risky. But if you invest with a project that’s been checked by us, at least you know that someone has made a systemic and organized investigation and not found any indication that people are trying to defraud investors. Also, you’ll know that the entrepreneurs running the project are confident enough that they are willing to let us check them. We give investors a tool to help avoid fraud.

As for the investment itself, it’s for you to decide whether it’s a good idea or not. Selling ice in Alaska?  Developing an app to translate elephant to English? We don’t judge. We’re trying to find out whether the entrepreneurs are doing what they say they are. Whether they should: that’s a decision the investors have to make for themselves.

Keep coming back to this site; as we wait for the SEC to publish the rules that make crowdfunding possible, we'll be adding all sorts of helpful information about the opportunities and risks of crowdfunding.  We want to make this new, more democratic, form of capitalism work for everyone.