ENMAX Corral Show

The 2012 Calgary Stampede will feature a spectacular new production showcasing the best western horsemanship, incredible sets and effects, and fascinating First Nations’ performances. Audiences will be held spellbound by the beauty of the horses and the pageantry. Hosted in the Corral, this production is an exclusive engagement for 2012 only and is free with admission.


Three horses.  One legend.

This is the tale of three equine heroes, whose loyalty to each other endured through hardship and challenges, and whose spirits embodied the vast prairie landscape in which they roamed. 

Three horses, as different and unique as the sun, the moon, and the earth, joined in friendship not only to each other, but also, eventually, to three humans.

Three humans, whose lives are changed forever by the mysterious bond between man and horse.

Out on the frontier at the turn of the 20th century, the West was still being won.  And man could not have tackled that wild country without his one indispensable companion, the horse – or o’ta’s, as the Blackfoot called him.

Some humans sought to use the land; others sought to tame it with fences and farms.  Some only wanted to call the land their father and mother, and remain free to ride over its contours and speak to the spirit of its creatures. 

Through it all, it was the horse, that most exquisite of nature’s creations, who was helpmate, confidante, and spiritual guide.  Horses herded the cattle, hunted the bison, ploughed the fields without complaint, lending their strength and heart to humanity.  And never did they lose their wild character.

Some say the spirit of the West is the spirit of fair play – a simple and honest code of ethics that guides every man and woman who loves this land.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Keep your promises.  Be true to your friends.  And honour the land.

Where better to learn that code, than from a loyal equine companion?  And how better to celebrate a way of life, than to explore our amazing relationship with the horse? 

Come celebrate with us as we weave the tale of three horses, whose lives intertwined to help create what we now know as the Spirit of Stampede, 100 years in the making. 

Legends, they say, are myths sprinkled with truth.  If this is a legend, then its lasting legacy is the Calgary Stampede - The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.