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The Freedom of Naturism

sapientia paya

"What are you happy and grateful for today?"

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A Freedom-Embracing Resort

Is Paya Bay a naturist resort? Well, not exactly! We prefer not to pigeon-hole ourselves with a narrow, limiting label. We much rather proudly proclaim that we are a Freedom-Embracing resort. Freedom is a beautiful and transcendental concept. We support anyone who chooses to explore its many facets and report back what life is like beyond the irrational, self-imposed boundaries that hold many back from living life to the fullest.

For those breaking through illogical barriers for the first time, the feedback is usually glowing: "Wow, I had no idea the sense of freedom I feel would be so wonderful!" An indisputable fact is that we are born nude. Maybe -- just maybe -- that's the way life was intended to be lived.

When's the last time you discarded an absurd taboo? Believe us, there's a whole bright new level of enhanced freedom waiting for you to experience! If your life has become boring and humdrum, shake it up a little! Toss aside the silly, limiting fears. Odds are, your mind will expand and you'll never look back!

More and more of our guests are coming to Paya Bay specifically to enjoy our au naturel options. We are thrilled about the articles and write-ups our boutique resort has received in the naturist press and we are very happy to accommodate our textile-averse friends.

A Zone for Every Comfort Level

Paya Bay is an ideal setting for naturism. The resorts sits on 22 acres of breathtakingly beautiful property on a peninsula jutting out from the main island. The sea is on three sides of us, making the entire property very private. We have two natural beaches, and we've opted to make our smaller, private Bliss Beach a topless beach. Bliss Beach automatically becomes 100% clothing optional when all guests at the resort are naturists (or naturism-friendly) and/or during our designated Naturist Weeks.

In order to better accommodate our growing number of naturist guests we have designated other areas of the property as clothing optional and we've built paths and walkways to make these areas easily accessible. These new areas include Buccaneer Landing, a private, protected cove teeming with juvenile tropical fish that is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. We are excited about the new paths to Secret Cove, a spectacular little cove near the tip of the Alligator Head rock formation that has excellent snorkeling as soon as you enter the water. Secret Cove is a great place to chill, relax, and catch a sunset (especially sharing a bottle of wine with friends or a significant other).

Our goal is the continuing creation of a very private haven where all our guests can feel extremely comfortable and enjoy the freedom our large and exclusive property provides.

Pigeon Cay Naturist Trip

During our designated naturist weeks and as part of our Naturism Good Energy Experience we offer a naturist trip to Pigeon Cay that allows our guests to discover this fantastic cay and enjoy some thrilling nude snorkeling on one of the most beautiful reefs in the Caribbean.

A Request

Since we are not an exclusively naturist resort and we cater to other types of (usually very open-minded) guests, for now we do request that our naturist guests use minimal textiles while in some common areas of the property: the restaurant and "main deck" area, primarily. Sarongs or swimsuits work fine for both the ladies and the guys (think of it as a temporary "costume change"). Otherwise, naturists will find many acres of property to explore in their most natural state.

We are eager to listen to you and better understand additional improvements we can make to meet your needs and fulfill your desires for the perfect naturist vacation. You can expect to always find our very liberal, open-minded attitude. Our staff has been trained to be discrete and respectful. Whether you are a casual or avid nudist, we want you to find the freedom you desire and deserve at Paya Bay!

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Discrete images of social, non-sexual
human nudity.

Reflections Yoga Retreat at Paya Bay
Montezuma Yoga Vinyasa Flow & Hang Music Retreat Jan 5-11, 2013

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