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Welcome to MYSTlore

This is a wiki for all things Myst, D'ni and Uru. Read more about this site. Consider reading MYSTlore:Guide as a general overview.

New editors: read the tutorial.

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[edit] Did You Know?

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[edit] News and Events

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[edit] How to browse

Consider reading MYSTlore:Guide first.

[edit] How to contribute

There's some special pages that are good to check if you wish to help out:

  • Wanted pages are pages that are referred to, but waiting to be written. Don't forget that even just a stub — a bare minimum of information — is already helpful.
  • Recent changes lists pages and pages' sections that have recently been created or edited, images that have just been uploaded, etc. This is also great to check if recently added pieces of text might have typos, inaccuracies or other mistakes you might be able to spot.
  • Stub pages are incomplete pages. Once you feel they have grown sufficiently in depth and breadth, you can take the {{stub}} template out.
  • Articles in need of an image are pages where authors have requested an image (e.g., a screenshot, photo or illustration) to be added. If you have a suitable one, upload it (consider reading MYSTlore:Images as well), and take the {{needs-image}} template out afterwards.
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