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The Worlds Largest Titanic Visitor Experience opens on Saturday just in time for the 100th anniversary of the sinking on April 15 1912 Other places Southampton Liverpool Nova Scotia like to trumpet their Titanic connections but Belfast is determined to ensure that the rest of the world recognises its superior claim It has spent 97m Northern Irelands biggestever outlay on a tourism project on Titanic Belfast a glittering edifice at the Harland and Wolff dockyards where the ship was built Lessimaginative people might think a city which constructed a supposedly unsinkable liner that went down with the loss of 1517 lives on its maiden voyage would be inclined to keep quiet about it This is not the Belfast way Ah you know how people here love to celebrate a disaster as a taxi driver explains it Gore tours trips around infamous atrocity spots during the Troubles have been tourist offerings for years In any case the firm line youll hear from Belfast residents on the Titanics subsequent tribulations is She was fine when she left here