Cheetahmen 2 NES Release - The Lost Levels Kickstarter


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Published on Aug 7, 2012 by
Fund the project now at Kickstarter. You can get your own boxed copy of the game at the $60 level. This is a project by GREG PABICH.

Note: Pat was asked to appear in this video advertisement. Any funds donated to this project do NOT go to Pat, James Rolfe, or Cinemassacre.

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Uploader Comments ( PatTheNESpunk )

  • do those guys who were on the sofa and the guy with the pancakes have there own show on youtube some place? if so whats the name?

  • Take a look at their shirts. ;)

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  • i'm actually upset that this video has that many dislikes... all of these guys give a lot to the gaming community and are pretty talented in their own rights. They are trying to earn money to release a game that has been sought after for years, and was never finished. I think that this is a really cool idea, and they aren't begging or forcing anyone to give money, its everyone's own decision whether or not to participate or donate. So everyone stop complaining. Do your thing retroware guys!

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  • so instead of making it impossible to find, they dropped it to sonic 06's launch price. brilliant.

  • gotta love the fishing wire pancake.

  • I Mean People, not please.

  • ... wtf did i just watch lol?

  • i dont understand this? why try to re-release a shit game? why would someone want to back this? wouldnt you not rather back a good game release instead???

  • Please dislike this for more reasons like THERE`S ALREADY A FIXED ROM ONLINE FOR FREE! Just putting it on a cartridge isn't worth $65,000.

  • I love this! I'm getting too excited...

  • hey Pat, you and I have something in common, here try this ( and yes I'm a person not spam program: caboki com

  • He did not make Action 52. He was not a part of the company at that time

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