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My name is Sean Connelly, and I've gone by the pseudo-name Peebrain while on This blog was a running stream of my thoughts, beliefs, and experiences about PsiPog and psychic abilities in general.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006


I had an OBE this morning. It's really weird how it happens sometimes. A lot of times when I try to have OBEs, I experience synchronicities that help me. This morning, for example, a friend knocked on my door at 6:30am to ask for a shirt. It woke me up at the perfect time, and after giving him a shirt, I decided it would be perfect to try an OBE. I stayed awake for about 5 minutes, checked my e-mail, went to the bathroom, and got a drink of water. Then I went back to bed to meditate.

I did terrible during my meditation, and my mind was constantly wandering. I knew that I wouldn't have an OBE at that rate. So I hit a semi-deep state, and started talking to my subconscious. I sent a strong intent, "Can you please help me have an OBE? I honestly really do want some help. I don't think I can do it on my own this time, and I really want to have one, and I won't freak out if you help me."

Of course I got a reply, "Sure, I can help, no problem", and I replied "Thanks!". But a lot of times when I talk to my subconscious, I'm very skeptical, and a part of me thought, "Sure, he says he'll help, but I'm just psychotic and talking to myself. No one will help." I tried to maintain my meditative state, but my mind wandered way too much, and eventually I passed out.

Surprisingly, I got yanked out. My first memory is literally feeling yanked out and positioned above my bed very quickly. I was a little shocked, but I thought, "OBE! Hell yeah!" and went with it. Then I zipped back to the same orientation as my physical body.

And then, an amazing thing happened. Two pairs of hands grabbed my ankles and wrists. The hands pulled me up and out, towards the center of my room. I was a little shocked by it, but more curious. So I purposely went back to my body, and the hands came back (only this time one pair on my ankles, not my wrists), and pulled me back to the center of the room. While they were pulling me, I reached down and grabbed the hand on my left ankle, and felt it. I shook the hand, and tried to send out a "Whoa cool, thanks!" type of hand shake, however that would feel .

After that, I was teleported to my old backyard in upstate New York (I live in Maryland right now). I was freely flying through the air, and it was amazing. I didn't really control where I was flying, it was very automatic and smooth though. I flew into my old neighbors yard, and flew past them and far into the sky.

While flying into the sky, I was intent on focusing on the detail of the experience, because I was waiting for it to switch into a dream. I knew it was going to happen at some point - usually I don't detect it, and believe I am still out of body. This time I was very intent on figuring out when the switch occurred. While flying into the sky, the detail level dropped, and information started to become garbled. I figured that was the point where I had entered a dream.

At some point, I'm not sure when, I was also in my neighbors back yard petting a huge bird. It was like a huge pelican, and I was petting it's neck. I don't remember if that was before or after the dream-switch.

After it switched into a dream, then it really did turn crazy. I had a false awakening of grabbing my recorder, and recording myself. Then I went into some dream where I was walking down a hallway, and some other weird things. I don't really remember.

Either way, I'm really excited about getting a "helping hand" on getting out! I can't believe when I talk to my subconscious, that it is actually accomplishing something . A lot of times it feels like I'm just talking to myself and getting nothing done - I now know that something is really going on. On top of that, this is my third experience where something else helped me (first was when they talked to me, second was when they pushed my back). I'm glad I'm no longer alone in my adventures, and that I've overcome my fear and limited beliefs enough to experience some help.


Thursday, May 25, 2006, 10:50 AM — 2 comments


On May 26, 2006 12:03 PM, Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is helping you? Your sub-c? How could it be? Your higher self? I doubt such a thing exists. Spirit guides? This seems the most likley but that idea has always bothered me, however, I trust your not lying so what else could it be? - the guy who doesn't like steve palvina. - adnihilo

On May 27, 2006 12:44 AM, Peebrain said...

Lol :-).

I don't know man. Next time I get some help, I'll try to remember to ask them who/what they are. It is possible that I am creating the help out of my desire to want to be helped. It's always hard to confirm things in the OBE state... everything is so dynamic.


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