The late Dr. Thomas Brewer was this century’s foremost crusader for healthy mothers and babies. In the sixties he stopped drug companies from promoting diuretics for pregnant women with preeclampsiaA-toxic-condition-developing-in-late-pre.../toxemiaAs-defined-by-the-1997-Merriam-Webster-M..., and he eliminated toxemia completely from his own obstetrical practice with what has since come to be called The Brewer Medical Diet for Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy.

Dr. Brewer advocated a simple regimen of good nutrition to prevent and in some cases even reverse a host of common complications of pregnancy, including toxemia, low birth weight, prematurity, and preterm labor. His prescription is so simple it has been largely ignored and even suppressed by the modern medical community, but has been proven time and again, over literally centuries of recorded medical history, and fifty-plus years of scientific research.

The BlueRibbonBaby.org site is an online archive of Dr. Brewer’s lifetime labor of love and dedication to his cause. This information, if truly understood and heeded, could turn the medical community upside down. Imagine the day when the number of babies in intensive care is cut in half or more. Or the day when mothers-to-be and their unborn babies no longer die of toxemia or placental abruption. Or when children no longer suffer needlessly from cerebral palsy or lowered intelligence. These turn arounds and more could occur, if only all pregnant women had access to Dr. Brewer’s simple prescription.

Dr. Brewer’s dream was that every woman would know how easy it is to have a strong and healthy baby. You can help us make that dream a reality. Link to any relevant page from your website. Write about this site in your blog. Print or email this information to anyone you know — especially pregnant or “trying” moms and dads, and anyone who is in the business of helping women and babies: midwives, ob-gyns, pediatricians, lactation consultants, LLLI leaders, childbirth educators, doulas…every woman and health care worker you know.

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