Brewer Diet FAQ

Over the years, Dr. Brewer received many questions from expectant mothers who were trying to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. We have collected the most-asked questions here for your benefit, plus the ability for you to ask your own question. Scroll to the end to submit your question, and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

I am 11 weeks pregnant and have just started to feel relief from morning sickness. I am planning a homebirth with this pregnancy, and am wanting to give myself and my baby the best possible chances for a healthy, happy outcome. I am really concentrating on nutrition, and I know several of my friends in the natural birth community highly recommend this diet. My one question is concerning the milk. I really want to get in what is recommended, but I can not stand drinking milk-I have no idea what it is, but it makes me gag. I have no problems with other dairy foods and am substituting yogurt at the moment. I am wondering if there are other acceptable substitutes just to add a little variety or if I should stick to yogurt? Thanks!
Why so many eggs?
Myths and Misunderstandings
I am 32wks and thought I had been staying near Brewer's diet the last 6-8 wks. Before that coffee/sugar/not a lot of protein. Am now having symptoms of toxemiaAs-defined-by-the-1997-Merriam-Webster-M... -- kidney pain, RUQ abdominal pain, wanting to eat ice a lot(i never do that)- anemia - can I turn it around this late in the game? and what can I do --ie.-supplemants? certain foods? Help--I was hoping to have healthy home birth.
I have had 2 preeclamptic pregnancies and would like to have another child without developing preeclampsiaA-toxic-condition-developing-in-late-pre.... My first child was 5 weeks early my second was 4 weeks early after 4 weeks of bed rest. Is the diet proven to be effective with someone who has already suffered from preeclampsia twice? Is there anything else known to help prevent preeclampsia besides diet and exercise?
I am a Bradley (R) instructor and I have a student who is 14 wks & overweight and she is bothered by this. I went over the Brewer diet with her and she mentioned that she's not really eating salt because it tastes bad to her. Could that be her body's way of telling her she doesn't need much? Will that affect her blood volume or put her in a circumstance for high blood pressure?
My friend, who is due in four weeks, is having a problem with what she says is borderline high blood pressure. Her doctor told her to cut out salt and rest a little more and says that he may induce her a week early. Is there anything else she can do that would help bring her blood pressure down so that she might avoid being induced?
My Doctor Says......
My doctor says I have to take a three-hour glucose test for gestational diabetes. I've known a lot of women who've had it, and I'm scared to take the test because I've seen what they go through when it's positive...poking themselves all the time and eating a special diet. I've also heard that the test is often wrong, and that scares me even more! What can I do??
Special Health Concerns
Have you ever heard of women having gestational diabetes in previous pregnancies, then go onto have a Normal (no -gdiabetes) in the next pregnancy with the Brewer Diet?
Can I eat Turkey Meat that has no nitrates in it?
I experienced pre-term labor and premature births with my last two pregnancies. Will the Brewer diet increase my chances of a full-term pregnancy?
I am only 4' 10". Should I make some modifications to the Brewer Diet -- eat less for my smaller frame?
I am already pretty overweight. I wonder how I can have a healthy baby without gaining even more weight. Do you have a food plan for someone like me?
How many ounces are in one serving of protein on the Brewer Diet? Does it differ depending on what I'm eating? I like chicken, shellfish, turkey, beef & salmon most. Thanks for your help.
I am 21 weeks pregnant and learned about eating a diet like this at around 17 weeks. I really am doing the best I can to get all this good food every day. It's actually fun being able to eat and not worry about weight gain since I am eating healthy and to help my baby develop. I do have one question. Is it ok to use whey or egg white protein shakes (along with eggs and other meats) to help me get the extra protien I need? Also, most of these have some stevia in them for sweetness. Is it ok to have a little stevia while pregnant?
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