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Real Mothers, Real Babies: How Many Deaths Will It Take?

Real mothers and real babies are dying of diseases of malnutrition in America every day. Dr. Brewer calls it “starvation in affluence”. These are real people…couples anxiously awaiting their first baby…or their second…or third…then suddenly the mother goes into convulsions, and both mother and baby die, leaving the bewildered husband alone, widowed…the other children motherless.

Globally, in the last decade, 750,000 maternal deaths were caused by MTLPMetabolic-Toxemia-of-Late-Pregnancy---th.... And this is a preventable disease.

In the U.S., the total maternal death rate is 7.7 per 1000. Many of these are victims of the MTLP. Their names echo hollowly through time….

Lena Katz Grossman, age 36, died of eclampsiaA-convulsive-state:-an-attack-of-convuls... on November 13, 1986, in New York City, NY. Her baby boy died 30 days later in the NICU.

Christopher Ann Fusco, age 32, a former congressional aide, died August 9, 1979, of convulsive toxemiaAs-defined-by-the-1997-Merriam-Webster-M.... Her baby, Michael Joseph, died that same day. Her husband and young son were left alone.

Andrea Lorraine Johnson, age 15, died on June 11, 1992, of a brain hemorrhage, a complication of eclampsia. Her symptoms were obvious and treatable, but as part of a polygamist cult, her pregnancy was kept secret, and she was deprived of medical care.

Mary Ann McCarthy, age 33, of Bedford Hills, NY, died of MTLP and ruptured liver May 8, 1985, in her second pregnancy.

Do you know a family that has been devastated by toxemia/eclampsia? Their story may help raise awareness of this tragedy. Please share it with us.

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