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Purposeful pondering

"Even the Dark Side needs motivation" (2010) by Kenny Louie. via Flickr-CC:BY/2.0

Gripe An article recommended as a good introduction was titled as a ‘survival guide’ to social networking (other students will thus know to which I refer) for information professionals. However to me it seemed more like a jumble of ‘can’s

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I feel proud :-)

cue game winning moments

… over the mountain … Tonight, despite the lingering dizziness from Saturday’s pain medication… … through the woods … CSS? Div this? ID that? sweep it all aside, I go back and wrestle with html. … face to the sun

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Limbering up with LinkedIn

Monkey Swing by Thomas Tamayo at Flickr

Thanks to Dale Smith (2012) I received Tim Tyrell-Smith’s (2012) guide against being lazy on LinkedIn. On pondering Tim’s advice, I wonder whether there are some people (like me perhaps) for whom such sites are not the best place to

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Tweak up

"Moushkateer" by James Blann on Flickr. (2009) CC:BY-NC-ND/2.0

As part of my series of starting points before I can work out what to learn with this subject. Ten types of tweets Lisa Barone offers 9 types of tweets – exactly what I was seeking and against which I

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Mark all read

"I pity the fool who subscribes to this RSS feed" by Jason Toal (2007) at Flickr. CC:BY-NC-SA/2.0.

The stage before weeding. How do I establish my starting point for RSS? Looking back I first became aware of RSS as a way of keeping up with website updates around 2005 and began using it for my own learning.

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Social media and “empowering workers”

Suitable content of a social media response (t=2:56) in "Social Media and the Workplace" video by Common Craft (2010)

The Common Craft video “Social media and the workplace” contains useful suggestions for developing social media competence within an organisation, however: Rhetorical leaps &^%$#@! annoy me I feel grumpy because this Common Craft video appears to me to make a

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Libraries using social bookmarking these days?

Bodleian Library Cake Sculpture, Oxford. (2009). By Sally Crossthwaite. CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Continuing my learning plan for social bookmarking, in which I describe pre-INF206 starting point and identify possible progress points… Libraries Using Delicious? During and since the original 23 Things program, I have been aware of experiments by libraries or librarians

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Testing Delicious tagroll for WordPress plugin

untitled image by Zach Klein. (2005). CC BY 2.0

Thanks to the Delicious tagroll for WordPress plugin by Per Søderlind, and Delicious’ API.

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Still Delicious after 6 years?

Delicious dessert

Later this year my “OLJ for INF206” category will conclude with an evaluative and reflective report including three of seventeen possible (OLJ) “tasks”.  To be able to write that then; I will now and until then need a starting point

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Pied piper of Ballarat 1956 (Opa Meerbach) +Trove newspapers plugin

Today I (re?)learned Opa Meerbach had been called the “Pied Piper of Ballarat” (in 1956). It is an amusing little window into the past – amusing, but also somewhat sad: I never met Opa, I can never know what it

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