Heart for Sarah - Sue Hanson © 2000

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Designed for Sarah Ballinger of Mimi, Florida, USA, for the on-line Heart Exchange September 1998! 
I now use the picture on my letterheads. <grin>  Revisited for the Hearts Round Robin in 2001 and made for Lornena Finnerty
Original worked in #40 of unknown breed.  I've reworked it very successfully in Olympus #40

This would be rather a long pattern to write out long hand so it's in a visual format with notes.
Although designed for continuous working, using split rings and for "one sided" tatting, it can easily be worked by producing the small central rings, cut & tie - then the three triangular motifs, joining them as indicated by the visual.  Then finishing with the round of ring & chains - as per diagram.

Wind 2 "full" shuttles using the continuous thread method.  Use a good quality corded thread, or otherwise you could have problems closing the large rings.
All joining picots are small and indicated by double lines
All decorative picots 3/8" (or as desired) indicated by a single line

Start with the Central three small rings: 4 - 4, making the 3rd a split ring: 4 / / 4
Continue to follow the diagram and order of working as indicated

Triangular Motif - watch visual for "which" picots are for joins & which are for decoration.
Small rings: 4 - 6 - 6 - 4 clr DNRW
Large rings: <4 -> x 9, 4 clr DNRW
Make joins appropriate to diagram
Remember to switch shuttle & reverse order of the double stitch (2, 1) for rings 11 & 17
Split rings are used for 3, 4, 9, 10, 15 & 21

Outside Edge All R's: 6 - 6 RW & Ch's are either one or two picots separated by 3ds & joined to previous round with a "lock join" (AKA shuttle join)

To save problems on the very large ring & lengthening the "core" thread when you run out of thread.  After working 1st join, enlarge loop around hand & wrap it around last 3 fingers of the left hand a couple of times, this gives plenty to complete the ring.  Experiment to find out how much works for you :-))

For ease of remembering all Large R’s have a total of 9 picots/joins.  All small R’s have 3 picots/joins
It is advisable to check counts before closing - especially on the large rings
Enjoy, Sue Hanson  (Last Modified 12th December 2005)

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