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Please check out some of our newest applications. You can see a little preview of them by clicking on the icons to the right.

These are our two newest applications! Look!

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Currency Exchange for ROBLOX

In the App you can login securely, your information is not stored or given away. Once logged in you are able to view your currency information (Number of Tickets and Robux). With this information you can directly make currency exchanges on the ROBLOX trade currency system. You can do market trades or limited trades with Tickets for Robux or Robux for Tickets. To make these trades you can see the current exchange rates and spread. Also, you can see you recent trade history.

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Blok Head

Blok Head is a 2D building game! Currently you can build creations with customizable bricks. These bricks have many properties that change the way you interact with a brick, and the way that the brick appears on the screen.

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My ROBLOX Express

Are you constantly wondering about your ROBLOX information when your not browsing the internet? With My ROBLOX Express you choose account information to be displayed in the Status Bar of your Mac, it doesn't matter which application you are currently using. You will be able to see:

- Tickets
- Robux
- Unread Messages
- Pending Friend Requests

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The ROBLOX Browser

This browser lets you freely browse the web and see your ROBLOX stats such as Tickets, Messages, Robux, and Friend Requests in a sidebar. In addition to those features, there is the ability to open multiple tabs.

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Here Comes Trouble!

See Brandon LaRouche, the CEO of Double Trouble Studio, being interviewed for the Boston Herald. He was featured in an article in the Boston Herald on Saturday, April 28, 2012.


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