Bay Area Drummer Jay Lane
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Jay plays a Ludwig Maple Classic kit in gold glass glitter, including a 16x22 bass drum; 10x8, 10x10, and 10x12 toms; and 14x14 (on left) and 15x16 floor toms. His snare is a 5 1/2 x14 Ludwig Black Beauty, and his auxiliary bass drum is a 14x24 orange Vistalite. He uses four Tama Octobans. His Sabian cymbals include 14" AAX Fast Hats (brilliant finish), 13" Paragon Hats (brilliant; used as auxiliary hi-hat), an 8" AA splash, a 17" AAX-Plosion crash, an 18" HHX O-Zone crash, a 22" Paragon ride (brilliant), a 19" Paragon China (brilliant), and a 9" Radia Cup Chime. Jay also plays a Hammerax Boomywang, plus miscellaneous bells and percussion. His heads are by Aquarian, and his snare head is a Remo Falam. He uses DW hardware and 5000 series pedals (auxiliary bass drum, main and auxiliary hi-hats), a Czarcie Kopyto double bass pedal (main bass drum), and Vater 5A sticks.

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