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This is the oldest continuously used active volunteer fire company in the United States. It was organized in 1752 as Britannia Fire Company. The original firehouse sits next to the present firehouse building which dates back to 1892. The original fire house has been restored and serves as a museum containing an original steamer engine, leather buckets, lanterns and other memorabilia.


Historical Timeline

July 11, 1752

A Fire Company is organized for a more efficient and disciplined method of protecting Bridgetown from the hazard of fire.

�To wit: We, whose names are hereunto inscribed, reposing special confidence in each other's friendship and for the better protection of our own and our fellow townsmen's houses, goods and effects from fire, having each of us at our proper cost provided a quantity of leather buckets according to the members thereof, with each of our names respectively subscribed, each bucket being marked with our own names.�

Each member is required to hang his bucket on the outside wall of his house and keep it filled with water at all times.

After they agree on the articles of institution and elect officers, they adopt the name �The Britannia Fire Company of Bridgetown �, since they are all loyal subjects of his Britannic Majesty.

October 1765

��Aaron Smith, being a man of proper qualifications and sound judgment be hereby empowered to journey to Philadelphia in order that he may purchase for this Company a suitable pumping injun


November 1765

The pumping injun is delivered . The cost is 34 pounds sterling (about $170.)


April 1787

�This Fire Company shall hereafter be known as the Mount Holly Fire Company�

The name of the company is changed, since �Britannia� is considered anachronistic and unpatriotic. To the north of the town rises the �mount�, with a wealth of holly, hence the name � Mount Holly �. A few years later the town receives permission from the Fire Company to re-name their town Mount Holly .



The first Mount Holly Fire Company house is built to house the pumping injun . It will move several times and finally be sold in February 1837. It will serve as a tool house in St. Andrew's Graveyard for many years until finally acquired and moved to its present location at the side of the premises on Pine Street .



Mount Holly grows and so does the fire service.

Union Fire Company No. 2 is organized.

Mount Holly Fire Company changes its name to �Relief�, which seems to better signify the purpose of the organization.


March 16, 1850

Good Intent Fire Company is organized.


April 3, 1858

America Hose Company No. 4 is organized



Relief Fire House is built.


Taken from �Historical Sketch � Relief Fire Engine Co. No. 1of Mount Holly , New Jersey �

By Herman P. Buri, Company Historian











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